Gear does it Matter?

People are fascinated by gears, but do we need high end gears to achieve something?


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4 Responses to “Gear does it Matter?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    In my opinion it is 20% gear, 50% basic photographic knowledge and 30% genius to make excellent photos!

  2. inalux Says:

    ….:-) yes your are totally right! Only, if you have the proper gear you can print your pics in large size ;-)….thanks for commenting and visiting Patrick!

  3. super_summilux Says:

    in my case, 70% gear : 20% luck : 10% experience & teqnuqie.
    gear is my major driving power, which pretty much motivates my photographic desire to capture the world I see. when I pick my favorite camera, it seems that it brings me lots of luck – might sound like crap to some people though LoL.

  4. inalux Says:

    …on some points you are right! It is always where I am not taken my gear, something happens 😦 or to late to take the camera out….

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