The Magic of Snow

The first moment snow is falling down, the most beautiful moment it is. That Sunday, everybody who can wake up early in the morning take a walk to enjoy this. I noticed a girl walking through the scene we walked. Hours later it was not that beautiful anymore. I wish we have this beautiful snow falling again…

Taken with a M8 and Elmarit-M 90mm

Leiden, The Netherlands, 2009

Taken with a M8 and Summicron-C 40mm

Leiden, The Netherlands, 2010


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3 Responses to “The Magic of Snow”

  1. esoegondo Says:

    Outstanding picture and composition, you can see the light in the shop…bravo with your new lens bro…:)

  2. inalux Says:

    Thanks Erwin, yes I really like this lens. It gives the effect I want.

  3. esoegondo Says:

    very difficult for me to take a pictures like you did at extreme condition ..very precision n detail…

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