The Golden Light

The moment I saw the film Girl With a Pearl Earring directed by Peter Webber and played by Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth, I thought I have to capture every moments, every handling I saw in the movie. It was delightful to see this film. I got the feeling, that the movie was a painting that moves. The light, the shadow….everything was superb. The story is about the relation between Johaness Vermeer and the maiden who works for him and became her self the model of one of the famoust paintings of The Netherlands.

How Vermeer capture the scene in front of him delights me. With such simplicity but in a very elegant manner. Another Dutch painter, Rembrandt, to me express the glamorous day of the golden age in The Netherlands. Vermeer express the elegance of making dutch paintings. Every move  in the film,  I said…stop here stop there…and I make the images in my mind. The light and shadow was very special. Some told me that the light in The Netherlands has a special character, never found everywhere. If I was there at that time, I would choose the same pose of my models as Vermeer did. He used the pearl as focal point for this painting, something that attract the eye of the viewer. I wish, I could make photographic images in the sense of elegance as Vermeer did.

Delft, between 1632-1675

Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Delft, between 1632-1675

Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


3 Responses to “The Golden Light”

  1. Harald Benz Says:

    To me, looking at Jan Vermeer’s work is the the best photo instruction on how to use light there is. Haven’t seen the movie – love to – but if it’s any close to what Vermeer captured in his painting, it must be a feast for the eyes.

    Rembrandt’s “light” comes from seemingly nowhere (unknown source, possibly like candle light). He created paintings out of darkness, so to speak.
    Jan Vermeer on the other hand used the golden light of the sun for his magic – always in a very visible, directional way. Quite contrary to many other Dutch masters of his time.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Harald,

      thanks for leaving your insight on this post. Yes, if there a chance you should see the movie. The Netherlands due to its geography location has a special weather condition that makes the light there different. Vermeer capture the light in a natural way and painted it on the subject as he sees it, in a very simple and elegant way.


      Jos Runarka

  2. Harald Benz Says:

    Dear Jos,

    Thank you, I sure will.
    I have been often to the Netherlands and it is probably the only place where I could see myself living if I should ever return to Europe.

    Greetings from Canada,

    Harald Benz

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