Heading a Freezing Winter

After new year, we seems heading a freezing winter. Today 8th January 2010, some places in Great Britain experience -21 degree Celsius. In Leiden we feel the cold wind blowing our faces and in Saturday it might be even worse. From the news on TV, we hear that Germany and The Netherlands have trouble to get salt, and the Eurostar travels fewer.

Leiden 2010

As you can see from the picture above, the surface of the river wass coverd by ca. 5 cm thick ice. Yesterday, some ship had to cross and break the ice to transport sand to some destination in the west. Maybe for Amsterdam, since yesterday Amsterdam experience heavy snow fall.

Ducks and Birds on the Rijn

Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010

at Rijn

Leiden 2010


7 Responses to “Heading a Freezing Winter”

  1. esoegondo Says:

    Hi Jos, again you make life and incredible pictures during heavy snow.
    Very like picture no:1 Frozen River and 2 Ducks and Birds…..congratzz..keep update us with your freezing winter…:)

  2. Musa Says:

    Love the first picture here pal!

  3. Katrin Says:

    i love your pic..”afternoon” at leiden…very sharp and nice composition ..and the ducks, good composition but if there’s a little more light on the bird eyes will be perfect ..what a wonderful winter…great job Jos…

  4. PC Suhartono Says:

    Foto2nya bagus Mas..suka sekali dgn BWnya..sukses selalu bersama mb Ambarum..salam hangat,

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