Where is my Spring?

I am getting tired of this winter and cold. More than 15 years I have been in Europe. That was not the idea at the beginning, but  as life has it own mistery so will it be. The cold and snow is coming back again in western part of Europe. In Germany the temperature drops until minus 20 degree Celsius at the eastern part of the country and heavy snow is falling all acros the country! Part of The Netherlands face this winter too. Last Friday night, snow was falling down to the city and on Saturday morning delivers a white Leiden to our eyes, but…also a very slippery street!


23 Responses to “Where is my Spring?”

  1. Baskoro Wardono Says:

    I think that this might be a part of the recovery plan of the mother earth … she is trying to cure herself … nice pictures Bro …

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog Bas! I hope so that earth will recover and starts a new game….some might suffer though….

  2. Thomas Says:

    Before you jump, you have to dive. Before the spring will come, you really have to be tired of the winter. Spring will be even greater this year!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Aaaah yes Thomas and then….have a nice glass of beer enjoying the morning rays from the sun. Thanks for seeing!

  3. Win Soegondo Says:

    Maybe someday you need go to Qatar, feel the heat until 55 degree Celcius…

    I like the way your lens drawing the pictures combine with your talented, looks perfect in my eyes…feel the cold and wet….:)


  4. Ambarum Sari Says:

    Those reflects the mood and situation at that day. I love the first picture of this post. Looks like a 3D painting.

  5. Agus Putu Pranayoga Says:

    you really have a great talent in photography. I really love to see yo composition. I’ve been to Monaco, Italy, Greece. There are good photography spots. Try it. My favorite is Dubrovnik – Croatia. Wish that someday I’ll went there again…

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Many thanks for your compliments. The real challange lies on ordinary places and make good images of it.

  6. Pratiwi Setyaningrum Says:

    luv the first pic the most. the focus on the second and third trees, yes, make the pic look like 3D to me too, and the branches(reranting?) above is so exquisite! luv it!

  7. Thiantana Says:

    beautiful work that was born from the silence heart

  8. r. Kris Says:

    Belissima imagine; così la vità, è come gli alberi che si ordina bene dal Signore…

  9. ayiepermatasari Says:

    the pictures are amazing…, nice angle, nice compo, great…

  10. Rizki Beo Says:

    great pictures….
    the first is about geometric and composition,
    second is about reflection,
    third is about composition…
    i love all pictures….

  11. philippe Says:

    Great photography ! I like ; )

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