Common Passion

At the Houten Antique and Old Camera Exhibition 2010

yesterday Sunday 28th March 2010 we went to Houten at Utrecht for the Antique Camera Exhibition 2010.  It was a cloudy day with sometime rain falling on to our faces. A typical dutch weekend!

We visited once such an exhibition in Hamburg on 2007 so we are excited what kind of this will be. Our expectation match with what we are expected. A hall with several tables and old guys presenting their collection of all those year. Most of them collected the gear about 35 years! May be their partners insist them to get rid off their beloved gears. The exhibitors came from overall of Europe. There are some interesting objects and most are old plastic or metal Japanese cameras from the old glory of silver halide. There are some Linhof’s and wooden box cameras. Linhof began by making camera shutters, and Linhof developed the leaf shutter, which became part of Compur Shutter. There some  Leica’s, but the condition are questionable. Asking for a price more higher then a well renowned dealer and in a questionable condition, but sometimes you will find a good bargain.  So we pass everything and just documented the situation there. The last two images credit’s to my wife Ambarum Sari.

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54 Responses to “Common Passion”

  1. costalunga luigi anselmo Says:

    supply and demand…are the cause of each market….and are directly proporzioanl…last two pictures express this concept well….I also like the other photos


    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Costa,

      yes you are right, but my husband know the prices quite well. Many thanks for leaving a comment on our post!



  2. Silvano Says:

    Who loves photography loves these events, very interesting.My compliments for the last two photographs.

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Thanks Silvano! We were there looking for interesting things or gesture of people 🙂



  3. Deddy Mansyur Says:

    People love photos. Cameras are here with us to stay forever. All great memories we have, we can look back through our old photos.

    The Old Camera Exhibition 2010 did a great job to educate people how great cameras are for us to remember our past.

    I really enjoy looking at all old photos.

    Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.

    Keep up the good work with your blog.

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Sensei Deddy,

      many thanks for your visit and the long comment. Old cameras can teach people how it was and the underlying process behind them before starting with digital. Again thanks for your support!

      with warm regards,

      Sari and Jos

  4. Arato Says:

    darn, what an event! I definitely need to get there some time!
    would love to dig out some Signets or Retinas : ))

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Arato,

      exactly! If you like those old cameras from the golden old time, then it is a must. I was really amazed, that a LTM Leica lens can be so small! I would like to have one gem of this, Voigtlaender with the original Nokton 50mm f1.5 or the Zeiss Ikon with the Opton Sonnar…

      BTW, this year will be Photokina again :)….thanks for visiting my blog.

      best regards,

      Jos Runarka

  5. Jaap Veldman Says:

    Hi Jos, nice pictures. If you didn’t already have GAS, here it is again!

    Your artwork at Flickr is also great!

    Best regards,

    Jaap Veldman

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hi Jaap,

      thanks for the time you spend and leaving a comment on my blog and flickr! Yes, you could get GAS and may be may be……hmmmm

      Best regards,

      Jos Runarka

  6. María Marco Says:

    A very interesting exhibition, without any doubt!…it must be awesome to watch those heirlooms so close…if I were so lucky as having one of them, I would hardly get rid off unless it was absolutely necessary….

    Congratulations for the blog..


    María Marco

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Maria Marco,

      it is always interesting to see those things. I wish, I had the chance to learn from those old tools and the magic of developing and prints your films…

      Many thanks for the comment and visit!


      Sari and Jos

  7. accolti gil Says:

    Very intersting

  8. budhi m soehono Says:

    Wow.. Gue jadi teringat masa lalu, saat diajarkan ttg apa itu kamera, film dan lensa oleh pakde atau oom gue yg dulu pernah lama tinggal di jerman. Tas hakuba dgn isinya.. lalu lemarinya.. ada Hasselblade, Rolleiflex,Leica serta Canon F1 yg lama serta perangkat lensa2nya..
    Dulu gue disuruh belajar pake kamera twinlens merk rolleiflex 120. padahal belum mengenal apa itu diafragma dan speed. Trial & error.. dan pakai film slide.
    Gue jd sedih kl mengingat itu semua, krn pakde/oom gw sdh lama ga ada..
    mudah2an semangatnya tetap membara di hati kita semua..
    Terima kasih Jos

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Wah Budhi sangat-sangat beruntung memiliki paman yang memiliki dan mau menyempatkan diri mengajarkan tentang fotografi dengan peralatan seperti ini ketika masih sangat muda. Tidak sia-sia jerih payah Beliau! Gue koq tertarik ama medium format ya?
      Terima kasih atas semangatnya dan kunjungan ke blog kami Budhi!


      Sari dan Jos

  9. Kiking, AT. Syarif Says:

    Sebagai penggemar photography saya bisa membayangkan ‘asyiknya’ mengagumi ragam kamera yang dipamerkan di Houten Antique and Old Camera Exhibtion 2010.

    Dari beberapa photo hasil jepretan Yos dan Sari, semua yang hadir di pameran terkesan antusias dan sangat serius mengamati atau berbincang soal kamera. Sebuah essay yang menarik mengenai pameran kamera tua dan antik. Pasti, hasil kerjasama team yang solid.

    Gambar The Beatiful Rolleiflex membangun kenangan saya ketika mulai ‘diijinkan’ oleh orang-tua untuk belajar photography lebih serius. Kamera Rolleiflex tersebut seingat saya dapat digunakan untuk format 120 dan 135.

    Menggunakan kamera antik memang agak sulit tapi hasilnya luar biasa. Walau sekarang sudah serba digital – saya tetap sepakat dengan pendapat: “….. sometime sharp, missed focus, shake, over, under. No right or wrong… Just make your shot”.

    Salam hangat

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Pak Kiking yang terhormat,

      memang mengasyikkan melihat kamera-kamera tua dan tingkah laku orang-orang yang mendalami dunia fotografi analog. Mereka cenderung lebih “serius” dalam bidang tersebut. Kini dengan digital, semua serba “hampir” instant dan telah kehilangan ritual magic masa dulu. Benar Rolleiflex dapat menggunakan kedua ukuran film tersebut dan saya tertarik sekali dengan kamera ini. Menurut cerita teman-teman di Bandung film 120 masih lebih mudah diperoleh dibandingakan film Black&White biasa.
      Terima kasih untuk kunjungan dan komentar yang memberikan semangat!

      Salam hangat,

      Sari dan Jos

  10. yossy Says:

    so amazing, mam. 1 always like your photos. esspecially black and white colours. so interesting. love it. thanks for your share, mam.

  11. Atsushi Says:

    Nice to meet you Jos and how’s going Sari?

    Thank you for telling me your blog, I enjoy it!

    I use digital camera usually, but I like texture of antique camera and sound of shutter, winding and rewinding film. Your blog makes me remember the feeling.

    best regard,


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Atsushi,

      nice to meet you to! Sari is doing well with here photographs. We are happy you like our blog. Yes analog still has the magic….

      best regards,

      Jos and Sari

  12. Christian Schmidtke Says:

    hi sari, hi jos!!

    eine sehr interessante ausstellung!! sie wuerde mich auch interessieren. leider merkt man(n) bei einigen fotos, das das licht doch etwas knapp war. aber was man auch sieht, die meisten aussteller waren aelter als ihre kameras!! 🙂

    schoene fotos!!!

    lieben gruss

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hallo Christian,

      ja es ist ein sehr interessante Ausstellung gewesen. Es war leider etwas dunkel, deswegen die Unschaerfe. Die meisten Aussteller waren aelter als wir und trotzdem immer noch von den alten Kameras begeistert!

      Vielen dank fuer dein Kommentar!

      Liebe gruesse,

      Jos und Sari

  13. dario di franco Says:

    Dear Ambarum, i like this event…very interesting!!
    Your photos are very nice…the more “humans” !!!!

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Dario,

      I like interactions between humans and culture . Thanks for your visiting on our blog.. Ciao!

  14. Marinella Salvi Says:

    Dear Ambarum,
    you remember me I had an old camera: it makes grainy wonderful photos…
    Thank you to share our common passion and congratulations for the elegant blog and photos.

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      of course dear Marinella, I remember that. You have wonderful and creative work.

      Many thanks for leaving a comment on our post!



  15. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    Dear Ambarum,

    A very interesting event..!! Congratulations for your passion and for the beautiful photos.


    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Agnese,

      thanks a lot for your time spending on our blog and leaving a comment. Thanks for the support!



  16. andut Says:

    dear Jos and ambar..

    they are very nice BW pictures…sharp and crispy…take my eyes to the old camera exhibition..
    looks to me people were very enthusiastic on each camera’s detail….just like the found their old friends..

    anyhow for me…as I like photography just recently… I don’t really know what the heck of those things all about…. hahahhaha..
    but I can imagine myself attending old computer exhibition… I must be looked like all the man on the pics….watching closely on every detail…as I like computer world very much…which took be back all my memories of my computer world…. 😀

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Andi,

      yes I remember those old days of the computer golden times, where only green character showed on a small display. That time mostly know how to write a basic program. Nowadays everybody plays with a computer, but doesn’t know what a batch file is. This can be compared with photography NOW. Learning the old stuff I think is the best way to understand photography. Thank for the visit and your comments.

      best regards,

      Jos and Sari

  17. Manfred Jochum Says:

    Hi Sari and Jos,

    what a great event!! I would have loved to be there and see all those treasures…. could have cost me a fortune, perhaps… 🙂
    Good and highly informative photos, despite of the rather poor available light.
    Regards – and please. advise me in good time before such an event, misschien zou ik naar Nederland komen 🙂

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Manfred,

      you are also using Rolleiflex too as I can remember ;-). Those kind of exhibition are held over Europe. I can send you a list of date where and when it will be held. Yes, it will cost you a fortune. May be I can learn from you, if I want to start with a Rolleiflex 😉

      best regards,

      Jos and Sari

  18. Katrin Says:

    hi sari and jos,
    it’s very amazing how you’re both can full fill each other in this photo project..and proud to seeing how your both technique and skill become better everyday is very inspiring..can’t wait for your other photo project…succeed for you

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hi Katrin,

      thanks for your comment and support. It could be better thought! Especially photographing in dark areas. We will inform you if there is another short story from what we see here in Europe….

      Success with you too…


      Jos and Sari

  19. putu adi Says:

    wow..vintage!! saya nunggu moment begini tapi blum kesampaian.. d jepang pun banyak exhibition begini banyak juga kemera2 jerman yg masih mulus2 tp ga d jual sayang nya.. di sini harga kamera2 vintage bisa selangit karena buat koleksi..hff.. yang murah pun pasti kondisi nya ga beraturan.. black and white nya om jos dan nba sari bikin ngiri..bokeh sama contras nya saya suka.. terimakasih sharing blog nya..great work! always witing for another nice capture.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Halo Putu,

      terima kasih ya untuk komentarnya. Mungkin menarik untuk memperbandingkan harga kamera antik di Jepang dan Eropa. Mungkin di Jepang sebagai sumber segala kamera yang terakhir -akhir ini hanya mengeluarkan kamera plastik, kamera antik menjadi buruan orang-orang yang sudah bosan dengan kamera plastik. Semacam Roll Royce-nya kamera. Bagi mereka merupakan suatu kebanggaan memiliki kamera seperti ini dan merupakan kebanggaan bagi mereka untuk menggunakan film dalam membuat gambar.

      salam hangat,

      Jos dan Sari

  20. Andreas Lee Says:

    hi jos and sari..

    Penyajian B/w yg apik sekali..

    melihat photo2 di atas jadi teringat sama kamera antique papa ku… “Rolleiflex” 🙂

    Trima kasih Jos dan Sari buat info-nya..
    sukses terus ya buat blog-nya.. 🙂

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Andreas Lee,

      Jika melihat “Rolleiflex” beserta kamera tua dan antik sangat mengasyikan, para pengunjung yang freak camera sangat antusias terutama kaum tua mungkin mereka datang untuk bernostalgia.

      Many thanks for visiting

      Jos and Sari

  21. ronald agusta Says:

    Melihat ini aku jadi teringat 2 buah view camera, 1 buah view field camera, serta beberapa lensa schneider; juga medium format camera beserta lensanya yang teronggok kaku di dalam lemari lampuku.

    Dan … ooops … darkroom enlarger aku yang sangat tua itu, lengkap dengan jolang-jolang untuk cairan kimianya, masih ada dipojok gudang

    melihat foto-foto pameran ini menjadi miris.

    tapi, live must go on, maju terus, yang penting aku masih bisa berkarya, juga para sahabat saya, sebab itu semua hanyalah alat, dan bagiku yang penting adalah karsa dan kreasi …. sambil tak melupakan sejarah!

    sukses jos, sukses sari, many thanks, salute!

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Ronald Agusta,

      Nice story.. asyik banget memiliki kamera tua dan antiq.. jangan lupa tetap dipelihara karena harganya semakin mahal dan dapat dipamerkan..

      Thank you for visiting

      Sari and Jos

  22. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    My compliments for the last two photographs.

  23. Januartha Says:

    buset dah gear2 yg berkelas di jamannya

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      kalau punya makanya jangan dijual, tapi dipelihara dan diservis…..ide bagus bagi teman-teman di Bali untuk mengadakan acara seperti ini…



  24. p. ardoko Says:

    a rare event and treasure we’ve got from this fabulous pictures and story, howcome…from that kind of stuff the history became more valuable for just the same work….photography….then may the picture tells a thousand words but the stuff tell a million of hardwork with just a single eyes.
    congrat jos and sari, keep on tell us another historical story about photography for next blog…..


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Pak Purwo,

      thanks again for your interest in our blog. I think those old camera has very long story if they can tell us what they saw. Yes some of them told us what they saw and you can see the stories in museum’s, exhibition, galleries. Picture without human on the early days of cameras, where long shutter time has to be used…vanishing what moves. Those picture has it own character – which I like-. It is very basic, but the process to the photographer after pressing the shutter is more complicated and need years of training. It is a tool for the master…..


      Jos Runarka and Sari

  25. Suhadi Says:

    Wah asyik ya disana photography sangat dihargai sehingga bisa melaksanakan pameran tersebut, coba kalau disini bisa seperti itu….pasti asyik.

    Nice moment, nice shot, you are expert in BW ya

    Salam buat Jos, Sar

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Iya disini photography terutama yang analog masih SANGAT dihargai. Mungkin karena film masih relatif mudah diperoleh. Ini ide bagus untuk mengadakan acara sejenis, meskipun bukan untuk jualan kamera tua, akan tetapi untuk memperkenalkan kepada generasi sekarang seperti apa tampak dan cara kerja kamera dari generasi terdahulu. Ini dapat dipamerkan di Mal sebagai contohnya……

      Terima kasih atas komentar dan kunjungannya Suhadi. Salam untuk teman-teman fotografer Indonesia.

      Sari dan Jos

  26. josh bulriss Says:

    i would love to come to this exhibition!! i love old cameras and i love black and white shots! great work you guys!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thanks Josh for spending your time visiting our blog! Analog and old cameras never dies 🙂


      Jos Runarka and Ambarum Sari

  27. Acha Wahyudi Says:

    Wow, such a rare and very interesting exhibition! You’re both great!

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