The Dutch and Their Beloved Water

Water marks the character of The Netherlands and their people. From their beginning  the dutch are faced by water and must  lived with it and make it an advantages to them. Their activities on water is what interested us. So much kind of them. On every kind of weather they go on water, even in the freezing winter. Seems they are weather proof. This makes them pioneer in every sector that has to do with water.  The dutch love to go out in groups using a sloep (sloop), a small fishing boat used in the old days and now for leisure. Those boats are made of polyester and mostly build outside of the Netherlands.

Images are taken by me and my wife Ambarum Sari during our stay in The Netherlands.

Waterpeople (13)Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (12)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (11)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople(0)Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (10)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (9)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (8)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (7)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (6)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (5)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (4)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (3)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (2)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (1)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (15)

Leiden 2010

Waterpeople (14)

Leiden 2010



208 Responses to “The Dutch and Their Beloved Water”

  1. Manfred Jochum Says:

    This is a great series, which gives an excellent impression of the Dutch love to water — which I find quite understandable with so much water around…
    Super photos, Sari!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Manfred,

      we are pleased you like them. It is amazing to see how much time they spend on water. Their live is dictated by this material and they can cope with it. It also makes their character, challenging and flexible…Thank you for seeing and comments!

      best regards,

      Sari and Jos

  2. Marinella Says:

    A very aquatic country!!! Thank you Sari & Jos to enter in a soul people and to share with us

  3. Ali Santoso Says:

    Dear Jos and Sari…
    its my pleasure to put my comment in this blog…
    because both of you always have great and amazing photos….I really like its all.

    and I like “row spot for every age ” it seem and looks a good hope from their eyes..I like it…..

    Also “party on and near the water” I can see how the people come in together with their happiness on the cold water…

    “Fryslan in Leiden using a sloep” , “Oiling the husband” and “A group of dutch waving passers” their reflection are very natural in those photos….i can feel that you take those moment…

    again thank you very much for knowing you have a great album…..

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Ali,

      it is also a pleasure for us to know you like this series. Imagine we could have such clean canals and rivers. Our place would be a nice to live. Thanks for the comments!


      Jos and Sari

  4. Tove Ask Says:

    (●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃)
    They are all just incredible…had a good smile as well…!!!!!! I really love your black/white pictures Sari…thanks for the wonderful share xoxo

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dearest Tove,

      thank you very very much for your time and leaving a lovely comment on our posting…(●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃)



  5. Lianny Hendranata Says:

    Hasil foto yang luar biasa BAGUS kombinasi sinar dan objek foto yang menarik.! teruslah berkarya, saya selalu suka dengan foto hitam putih wow keren.!

    sukses selalu.!

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Terima kasih banyak mbak Lianny untuk meluangkan waktu mengunjungi blog kami serta meninggalkan komentar dan masukan untuk posting kami. Sukses juga dengan tulisan-tulisan mbak Lianny.

      Salam hangat,


  6. bernard kampinski Says:

    old time, very old times of photography. wish you good luck…

  7. deNy Says:

    The ‘Party on and near the water’ is so lively … 🙂

  8. Claudia Mayerzedt Says:

    Hallo Jos und Sari,
    wunderbare Bilder, das Leben in den Niederlanden scheint sich tatsächlich mehr auf dem Wasser abzuspielen als sonst wo…obwohl mir die letzte Orange Serie auch sehr gefallen hat, das Bild der Dame im Ruderboot strahlt viel mehr Fröhlichkeit aus….
    danke, daß du deine Sicht immer mit mir teilst
    glg Claudia

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hallo Claudia,

      vielen Dank fuerr deine Kommentare ueber diese Serie. Die Dame im Rruderboot im Orange hat Sari aufgenommen. In dieser Serie sollte es alle Schwarz Weiss werden.

      Liebe gruesse aus Leiden,

      Sari und Jos

  9. torkio Says:

    Dear Sari … excellent shots … you Black and White is very nice


  10. Peter Bouman Says:

    Dear Jos & Sari,

    as if I’m looking through the eyes of a tourist or expat. Such a nice distance with my routineous, daily life. Thank you so much!


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Peter,

      thank you very much! For you as a dutch, those views are pretty normal to you, but to us it is something that strikes us from the beginning.

      Sari and Jos

  11. Manfred Zeuch Says:

    Dear Sari and Jos, wonderful series, you captured a varied set of moments and scenes from daily life on an element I myself love: water! I made two long trips with a ship once, Santos, Brazil to Hamburg, passing through Las Palmas, Vigo, Le Havre Rotterdam, then Genova to Santos, Brazil, passing through Barcelona, Lisboa and Rio de Janeiro. In total, on these two trips: 5 weeks on the sea! And it was not the modern cruise fun, it was regular liners (an Italian) with which people traveled and moved. This weas in the 1970s. Cheers

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Manfred,

      actually it is the daily life and human behavior that interested us most. Observing thing beyond the eyes is the most difficult thing.


      Sari and Jos

  12. PC Suhartono Says:

    Wah pilihan tema yang manis..semua foto terekam penuh jiwa..setiap peristiwa dan sudut bidik tercipta dalam karya hitam putih yang indah..terus berkarya Mas Jos dan Mba Sari, sukses selalu…salam dari Indonesia,

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Terima kasih banyak Mas Petrus untuk menyempatkan diri melihat-lihat posting ini dan sudi memberikan komentar. Foto dalam hitam putih menurut kami lebih memiliki daya tarik dan tidak pudar dengan waktu.

      Salam dari Leiden,

      Sari dan Jos

  13. jose americo gobbo Says:

    very beautiful series… the water and Dutch were ever together… they are of the great sailors and navigators.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Jose,

      thank you very much! Yes they are specialist in this matter 🙂


      Sari and Jos

  14. Tom Warner Says:

    Great photos illustrating this informative entry. Very nice.

  15. Patric Says:

    Hey ihr 2,

    das ist ja echt ne schöne Serie geworden 🙂 erinnert mich so ein bisschen an das Drachenbootrennen, dass ich damals in Rendsburg mitgemacht habe.
    Jos sehe ich ja am Dienstag wieder … hier in HH sind grad alle im WM Fieber … hab heute auch noch besuch und wir schauen uns das Spiel über den Beamer an … :o)

    Wünsch Euch beiden noch einen schönen Sonntag abend

    LG Patric

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hallo Patrick,

      genau! ich kann mich noch erinnern dass du auch Drachenbootrennen machts. Es war gut dich und die anderen wieder zu sehen!!

      Danke fuer deine Kommentare!

      Liebe Gruesse aus Leiden und schoenes Wochenende!

      Sari und Jos

  16. María Says:

    Nice pictures….which show again how the human nature always manages to adapts itself to the Nature conditions….Small country, big ambitious!….At the same time, the dutch have also proved their respect to the environment riding their bicycles instead of other means of transport…
    Good example to be imitated!!


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Maria,

      thank you so much for the comments! Yes ambitions is also one character they have. Here in The Netherlands there are still traffic jam everyday, because people live on different cities than their workplaces. It took time to travel with train and bike as a combination. But this is not only a problem of the dutch but everywhere on the world.


      Sari and Jos

  17. Isidoros Prinos Says:

    Excellent series.Like the tone and the composition.

  18. Carl Merkin Says:

    A wonderful album…..street photography meets the canals. As usual, you both have produced some very pleasing images. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Carl,

      thank you very much for your time and comments on our post! Thanks also for having always an interest on our work!


      Sari and Jos

  19. Agus Putu Pranayoga Says:

    As usual.. there are also a nice photo series of you. Nice composition. And also you perfectly catch their emotion, their stories. Congratulation Sari. I’ll be waiting for your next masterpiece ^_^

  20. Andi wibowo Says:

    I’ve been visiting Netherlands and been showed by my dutch friend how they manage the water surround them, such as how they control the water level entering on area and keep some area with certain level to keep it balance so on and so on..and it was very impressive to me..

    what I can learn that dutch people are really live with water very closely..and river and water is a part of their life style..where not every country can manage to do so..

    your photos showing how the dutch people interact very closely with water and they live with it..very nicely..

    thanks jos and ambar…your photos talk..what a good relationship between people and water should be!..

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Andi,

      there are things we can learn from this people. They managed many thing with limited resource and made them to one of the wealthy country in Europe. It is a dream that we in Indonesia could do the same!


      Sari and Jos

  21. herman Says:

    great pictures

  22. curt Says:

    excellent-and good views!!!

  23. Tino Nieto Says:

    wow!! fantastic, congratulations!

  24. HarTantyo Says:

    This photos series are very interesting … like story telling of people interest on playing on water ! Good Luck

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear HarTantyo,

      it could be interesting to see people in Indonesia see their environment differently!!
      Thank you very much for your time and comment!

  25. ans Says:

    I am convinced that children are the ultimate focus of every eye and the attraction of every photographer…good week my friends… ancient Roman saying ” VARIIS LUDORUN GENERIBUS CORPUS EXERGERE””….ciao

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Ans,

      yes, children can be very interesting. May be because they are still “free” and adults not…
      thank you very much for your time and comments on our post and also for the insight…


  26. Silvano Says:

    Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures, interesting document for this particular lifestyle.

  27. Thomas Bregulla Says:

    Great series, one can get the motivation to join them!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Thomas, yes indeed and with a couple of wine bottles and bread on a sunny day!! Thank you very much for your time and comment!


  28. Tim Says:

    These are wonderful. They have an almost 1960’s retro feel to them. I like the Row Spot photo the best. Nice to see what black and white can do to these scenes. They change them from something interesting into something interesting and sharper looking.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Tim,

      it is nice to hear that those images from us has the 1960 retro feel, where we never noticed if it so. We also thing the same as you about black and white photography!

      thank you very much for your time and comment!

  29. Takumi Usami Says:

    Daer Jos & Sari

    Thanks for cheerfull pictures on the water!
    My hometown Fukagawa: 深川(-meaning Deep River) in Tokyo also have a grid of canals like Netherland’s.
    The grided canal had a close relation to their daily lives, and it still shows us the reflection of lively townscape for each season.

    Here in Hong Kong, International Dragon Boat Championship 2010 is held on coming Wednesday at Stanley beach and Sha Tin.
    Many foreign paddlers will entry into this international racing from their nations having tradition of the row boat and lives on the water.
    Tiwan,Japan,New Zealand,Hawaii,England,Norway….. It is a competition of the paddlemanships.
    I’ll boost your Dutch Dragon, if they will also come to Hong Kong !!


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Takumi,

      thank you very much for your time and comment, also your story from your experience on the other side of the globe!

      Sari and Jos

  30. Carlos Says:

    For me water is something tied to childhood, stay in contact with water is like a little child remain, a very important thing.
    One problem today is that kids immediately want to be adults. And adults are embarrassed that their behavior is qualified as a child.
    The world will improve greatly when we show love for the water that makes up everything and learn to be children throughout our long lives.
    Jos and Ambarum, a very beautiful portrait-photos of children playing with water,… thanks for sharing

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Carlos,

      yes you are right. Kids today doesn’t have the same situation as we in the past. It is getting tougher and materialist. We should slow down with our speed and then life is going to improve. Today everything has to be more faster faster, but in our opinion quality is not much improved. In the northern part of west Europe the standards are high, but it doesn’t mean there is no problem coming out from that. Become more sterile because of the very good system, is also not good. People become more vulnerable!

      thank you very much for your time and comment!

      Sari and Jos

  31. Svetlana peric Says:

    Beautiful serie…. Great B&W choice… Congrat!

  32. Françoise Sérusier Says:

    Yes it is a great serie with an excellent quality of B&W processing !

  33. qmitsree Says:

    excellent dutch series my friend…its very interesting to see people carrying umbrellas on the boat rather than having a roof…the connection between dutch and water is clearly shown in the above composition

  34. Paulo Lucic Says:

    Great Essay. Congrats.

  35. Salvatore Ambrosi Says:

    Grat series ! Very beautiful bw. I like much!

  36. Martin Says:

    Nice work Sari

  37. juan carlos hinojosa Says:

    Great job!

  38. dan anderson Says:

    Fantastic images along with the interesting story – well done!!

  39. K. Agung Patriadi Says:

    Photo Essay yg Bagus, saya suka, photo2x penuh kegembiraan, terlihat penuh semangat hidup/optimisme. thank you Ibu Ambarum Sari.

  40. pratiwi setyaningrum Says:

    oh oh oh.. seandainya aku bisa..

    this is so great, mas Jos, mbak Sari. From these BW pictures, looking at the way the water broke from it’s cool silence then dance itself in glory, i feel like swimming instead of enjoy the river on boat, hehehe ^e^)?

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Pratiwi,

      thank you very much for always spending your time and comment on our post! Yes it is so enjoyable and we wish it could also happen in our country!

      Sari and Jos

  41. ronald agusta Says:

    A good photo story, so I was interested to get there 🙂

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Ronald,

      then you should come here :-). Thank you very much for your time and comment on our post!

  42. simoneo333 Says:

    The photographs depict the entire story so well. One can understand the message without the pre text. The blk photos are excellent in composition, lighting, and focus. Excellent blog!!

  43. ramosa Says:

    I have really enjoyed and learned from this blog entry. The photos really get at the importance and pervasiveness of water and water travel in life in the Netherlands. Of the fine array of photos, I am most moved by those of the boat and oars, with reflection; the view down into a boat with the adult and four children; and the boat “full of one driver and 12 umbrellas.” This is a strong documentary series, with strong characterizations and a strong timeless feel.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Ramosa,

      We are glad you got that impressions looking our images!!
      thank you very much for your time and leaving a comment on our post.

      Sari and Jos

  44. gérard Tournebize Says:

    as always a good job of reporting well-documented and varied images!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Gerard,

      thank you very much for always spending your time and leaving comment on our post!

  45. Dickson Says:

    I love the pic of ‘A group of dutch waving passers’. Boys & girls happy together !!

  46. JustQ4 Says:

    This is a very beautifull set of photos! The black and white setting gives such a nice atmosphere. It provides a kind of historical impression while at the same time knowing that this is taken very recent. Very nice!

  47. Raul Grijalbo Says:

    Great captures.

  48. Tiago Silvestre Says:

    Very good serie, it has a great coherency – it works as a project (I really like to think of photography as projects) – it’s more difficult to achieve it in colaboration but you did it very well. Congratulations to both – keep the good work.



    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Tiago,

      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post. In terms of project we need a lot of time, be patient and lot of passion too.


      Sari and Jos

  49. Kiloran Cavendish Says:

    Lovely shots of people enjoying boats and water. Travelling by water is a very relaxed way of seeing scenery, surrounded by beautiful sounds and reflections. These images pick up the atmosphere.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Kiloran,

      we are pleased you got those feeling by seeing our images!!

      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post!


      Sari and Jos

  50. Andreas Lee Says:

    Everything looks so awesome! ..Fantastic blog Jos n Sari, it just keeps getting better.There is amazing detail when you zoom the obj..
    thank you so much for sharing this blog with me.. 🙂

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Andreas,

      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post! We are pleased you like it!!

  51. i putu adisaputra Says:

    wonderful!!!!!! I think you caught the mood perfectly. There’s so much detail. Did you take on the boat? How much? I have never been in Amsterdam, but it’s on my wish-list 😉

  52. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    Nice work Sari,congratulations!

  53. Lars-Göran Hedström Says:

    You´ve got some really fine shots here on Your blog. Love the unbrellas in the boats. So Dutch for me as a Swede.
    Keep up the Good Work!
    Greetings from Sweden,

  54. MRK PALASH Says:

    Hello Sari & Josh,
    I’m looking a stunning images. I love ur tone & composition. U have portrayed the environment of rainy season of Netherlands people who are like to travel by boat & im seeing some enjoy full moment.

    If i got an assignment to portray same subject which one u had showed us.
    I wish i will portray some decisive moment which images give strong my body of work.
    I’m appreciating to u to show us a unique concept. I love very much all of photographs. I found here a good relationship between photographer & subject. Day by day ur improving. I wish one upon a day u will a famous for an ur good compile of works.

    MRK Palash
    Pathshala Student,Bangladesh

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear MRK Palash,

      to us it look strange seeing people going out on a rainy day and with an open boat, just using umbrellas. We are still far from being famous and that is not our intention. We just documented things that disturb or catch our interest from our environment.
      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post!


      Sari and Jos

  55. Tomás Says:

    Excelente trabajo con muy buenas fotografías.


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Querido Tomás, muchas gracias por su tiempo y sus comentarios sobre nuestros post!

      Sari y Jos

  56. Jens Duffy Says:

    Good work. (Row Sport / Kids Enjoyed / Party / Dog / They Prefer / Group Of Sailors: all grabbed my attention)

  57. Helmut Schadt Says:

    Es sieht wirklich fast so aus als ob die Holländer ihr Leben hauptsächlich auf dem Wasser verbringen.-)
    Liebe Sari, eine vorzügliche Foto-Serie die du und dein Ehemann hier zeigen!

    Salam hangat dari Jerman, saya baru pulang ke rumah lagi dari Bali, Penang dan Thailand.

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Lieber Helmut,

      es ist auch so! Fuer uns es ist eine Vergnuegen eine Dokumentserie ueber das Leben in unsere Naehe machen zu koennen.

      Salam hangat dari Leiden,

      Sari und Jos

  58. Jerry Ipsen Says:

    A wonderful writeup and a beautiful compilation of B&W images! Looks like the Dutch are a very friendly community. Well done Sari and Jos.

  59. Deddy Mansyur Says:

    I was in the Netherlands in 1994 to visit my uncle. I went to visit Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam. I had a great time.

    Yes, how the Dutch people handle the water, I am impressed.

    We can’t survive without water. But water can destroy us too.

    This is something great about Dutch people the way they take care of the water.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Mr Deddy Mansyur,

      yes, we can learn a lot the good things from them!

      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post!

  60. Patrick Says:

    What an excellent work, showing us the dutch water life. This is real streetphotography. Keep going friends!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Patrick,

      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post! May be we should call it “waterwayphotography” 🙂

  61. Katrin Says:

    nice work sari and jos…good composition , tone, & bw…very interested pic…congrat to you both

  62. Massimo Riserbo Says:

    beautiful atmosphere in every photo! you are ready for coming in Venice for a new reportage on the water!

  63. bruno manno Says:

    as the other serie i like your beautifull composition et the beauty of your black and white.
    And the choice of the moment imho still good;


  64. Günter Bremm Says:

    Great Pictures and a very percepive insightful essay. Many, many thanks for inviting me!

  65. brian sokolowski Says:

    really great photographs. the thing i’ve noticed about your pictures is that they are a blend of contemporary and classic looking shots. thanks for sharing….

  66. Magne Says:

    Some great shots here! 🙂
    I love it when water becomes such an important recreational part of city life!:)
    So many rivers is either hidden under ground, used for industrial or commercial purposes only!:)

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Magne,

      water is one of the most important element in our life. Without that life can not exist on earth. So we have to treat this element with carefully….

      thank you for your time and leaving a comment on our post!


      Sari and Jos

  67. Raymond Wealthy Says:

    A wonderful photo story! Thank you Jos and Sari!

  68. Murali Bala Says:


    excellent compilation. love your work. Good job once again..

  69. Paolo Lottini Says:

    Beautiful picture, the sharp contrast and choice of shots is fantastic.
    My compliments.

  70. lira pipa Says:

    all the photos are so interesting!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Lira,

      happy you like them all!
      thank you very much for your time and comment on our post……..

  71. Horea Feier Says:

    This is a nice photo-essay! Great idea and nice pictures!


  72. Andi Says:

    This is sharing life at it´s best.
    I love that.


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Andi, thank you very much for your time and comment on our post about life in our environment!

      Sari and Jos

  73. Roberto Says:

    Really a great series !!!

  74. Ozukaru Says:

    Sari, your images are of a beauty that captivates me, thanks for sharing, I send a big hug.

  75. Zhu Haiping Says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful water series!
    I viewed the images here very carefully and love them very much!
    I especially love “the dragon boat race”and”a group dutch waing the passers”! What cheerful scenes on water! And superb Black&White efect!
    In where I live,souch of China,there is also many rivers and lakes. I’m quite inspired by your images and will also shoot more water-themed works!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Zhu,

      we are glad you like them all and being inspired to start a work on water!
      thank you for your time and leaving a comment on our post….


      Sari and Jos

  76. Liv Says:

    Dear Sari, I love your pictures!
    Here in Lübeck we like to be on the water, too.
    Thank you for sharing!

  77. Jörg Rüger Says:

    Nice impressions!

  78. Christian Schmidtke Says:

    hallo ihr!!

    ein wunderbares thema mit wunderbaren fotos!!
    es passt wie immer!! 🙂


  79. valter Says:

    i lived near a river for a while…………………beautiful..

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Valter,

      it could be nice to be able to live near a river, but it could be also dangerous. Thank you for your time and leaving a comment on our post!


  80. Dorival Moreira Says:

    Muito interessante este trabalho, algumas fotos são exelentes com uma composição maravilhosa, mas algumas eu eliminaria, gostaria de ver mais fotos desta série. Um abraço. Dorival Moreira

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Obrigado pelo seu tempo e comentários, também para a sua entrada.


      Sari e Jos

  81. peter steffen Says:

    Das ist eine schöne serie.

    best peter

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Lieber Peter,

      vielen Dank fuer deine Zeit unseres Post anzusehen und eine Kommentar hinterzulassen!


      Sari und Jos

  82. jon van gilder Says:

    Thank you for sharing your work – outstanding! You have really provided wonderful images which communicate so much about the Dutch and their relationship to water. I congratulate you on your efforts!


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Jon,

      thank you for your time and leaving a specific comment on our post!


      Sari and Jos

  83. bjoern maletz Says:

    Again, a great series of life in the netherlands. It’s a pleasure to have a look on your photos. Thank you for sharing.
    By the way, are you, Sari and Jos members of the leica-camera-forum?
    All the best,

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Bjoern,

      we are glad you always like our postings! Sari is not a leica-camera forum, but I am and not that active. Spending time in forums could be time consume 😦

      Thank you for your time and leaving a comment on our post! Good luck with your new camera too!!


      Sari and Jos

  84. Hameediii Says:

    All shots are incredibly candid and well composed.Very inspiring work.Thank you Sari for inviting me to view this enlightening blog about the dutch waterways.Photo # 8 (They prefer no roof) is my favourite:)

    Best Wishes


  85. Hideki Kawasaki Says:

    excellent images as always! people’s life in beautiful reflection. thank you for sharing 🙂

  86. Hartati Nurwijaya Says:

    What a wonderful moment; everybody cheer up and happy. Amazing shoots of fotos and great moment.

    From most of all I like the pic with umbrella the fisrt one.

  87. Anna Says:

    Dear Sari and Jos,
    thanks a lot for wonderful essay and amazing photos!!! Had a great time visiting your blog and I’m more and more in love with Netherlands 🙂

    best wishes

  88. Mario Says:

    Wonderful collection, thank you for the invitation to visit your blog.


  89. Baskoro Wardono Says:

    Jos n Sari,

    These pictures are great … and sometimes we miss such view a lot … just sit and relax with beer or coffee while watching the boats passing by in the canal …

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hi Baskoro!

      indeed, sometimes we forget how fast time can past because we are so busy with our self….So in the long term we will miss life. Sometimes slowing down and enjoy life is not a bad idea too…


      Sari and Jos

  90. Johannes Says:

    Hello there!

    Really nice photographs from the Netherlands. Great job!


  91. Rita Says:

    More beautiful photos, as usual! Tank you for sharing.

  92. Isla de Maria ( M de G Isla ) Says:

    Beautiful images, as always, the narration nicely complement this beautiful ride …!!!

  93. maurizio molgora Says:

    Ambarum Sari is a story teller.
    She uses a camera for her novels.
    When you look at her pictures is like reading, is like watching frames from a movie, is life represented, life that makes a show of itself for us.

    Thank you Sari!

  94. Ifedorovskaya Says:

    wonderful series!!!! and every image is great!!!!

  95. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    Great work, as always…!! Is very nice and interesting to watch your pictures.

    Thank you.


  96. Isid0r0s Says:

    Oh… this is an amazing series of B&W photos!

    My favourite is the “They prefer no roof on the sloep”.

    Bravo and thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Isid0r0s,

      thank you very much! We are glad you like them. Thanks for seeing and leaving your impression here.

      best regards,

      Ambarum Sari and Jos Runarka

  97. sandra Cailliau Says:

    Dear Sari,
    ( Catching up and taking the time) 🙂

    Superb, as always…Capturing Joy in everyday life is a Gift…To give us the possibility of witnessing it with you is another, and I love them all, especially ” Oiling The Husband” ( Although I saw her taking gently care of him 😉 ) and ” They prefer no Roof on the Sloep” , I thought ” Water Proof with Water” …:)) Felt like the Boat was protected down and up.
    Thank You for invited me.
    All The Best to you and your husband.
    Sandra. XXX

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dearest Sandra,

      Many thanks for your time to visiting and commenting on this latest post . We are glad you like our work. We have never seen a good atmosphere, where people really enjoy on the canal like this before so we were happy 🙂

      Have a nice day

      Sari and Jos

  98. Miguel A. Vallet Says:

    Siempre me apasiono la fotografía en B/N, y sobre todo la fotografía viva, creo que has realizado un trabajo excelente, es más me gustaria poder incluir algunos de tus trabajos en nuestro primer magazine de arte que publiquemos on-line en enero de 2011, si te parece bien puedes confirmar en mi correo electronico. saludos y enorabuena.
    Miguel A. Vallet

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Querido Miguel A. Vallet,

      muchas gracias por su visita y sus impresiones sobre nuestras imágenes! Estamos muy contentos que usted como ellos. Lo que la revista lo que desea publicar nuestras imágenes? Es un honor para llenar su revista. Nos comunicaremos con usted en privado. Muchísimas gracias.

      saludos cordiales,

      Ambarum Sari y Runarka Jos

  99. Komang Tony Says:

    mantap banget mbak tone BWnya… semua photo terasa DOFnya, sorry komennya nggak bisa pake bahasa inggris

  100. jefrizal Says:

    hai sari en jos

    Saya salut sama kalian berdua selalu konsisten dengan foto hitam putihnya yang sangat natural, hasilnya sangat indah dan memuaskan.

    terus berkarya..

    salam hangat dr Indonesia

  101. David C Foster Says:

    Wonderful photos!

  102. Anida Venter de Bruyn Says:

    Really awsum pics uve got here guys!! Love it also that its B&W – makes it look sort of vintage in a special way… Love to see more at some stage!
    Keep well and thanx for sharing it with me!
    Greetings from South Africa :)))

  103. Vonny Schlundt Bodien Says:

    Hallo Jos en Sari,

    Via Peter Bouman heb ik jullie website dus gekregen. Ieder keer weer geniet ik van jullie mooie foto’s, ook van Rotterdam waar ik zelf woon.
    Het was een bijzonder ontmoeting vandaag met jullie!
    Ik vond de begrafenis van tante Edith ook heel warm ondanks het regenachtige weer.
    Ik had zelf mijn fototoestel bij me en even had ik gedacht om foto’s te maken toen de familie met de kist van tante Edith de kerk binnen liepen. Het was een prachtig beeld tegen het mistige achtergrond. Hopelijk hebben jullie wel foto’s gemaakt van dat moment.
    Ook hoop ik jullie foto’s te kunnen zien van vandaag.
    Jullie zijn altijd van harte welkom hier in Rotterdam bij mij thuis.

    Sampai ketemu lagi!


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hallo Vonny,

      bedankt voor je bezoek op onze blog!! Ik geen foto’s gemaakt tijdens het ceremonie, voor respect aan de familie Hoogman.

      Tot ziens!!


      Jos en Sari

  104. Acha Wahyudi Says:

    i thought Dutch was not stay long enough in Indonesia, hahaha..perhaps if they did that, Ciliwung and other River in Indonesia could be beautiful just like the lovely pictures you both shown to us….awesome

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      who knows for sure? It is because their pride and greed they loss their ties with their former colonial Indonesia. Actually both sides can learn from each other on a mutual relationship. Thanks! Sari & Jos

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