Mirror of New York

Rotterdam the New York of The Netherlands?

New York was renamed from a Dutch city New Amsterdam on the island Manhattan. The Dutch and British made an agreement and sold the island Manhattan to the British in exchange with the Banda Islands in Indonesia. For the Dutch the archipelago that now forms the Republic of Indonesia was far more important than Manhattan and the old city New Amsterdam that became the fancy, glamorous New York we know now.  For them, the Dutch, spice was more important and gave  them a golden age in which famous Dutch Masters like, Rembrandt, Jan Vermeer, van Gogh took advantage of it. Rich merchants gave them order to create paintings that later would be famous worldwide. This is only possible with the colonizations of this archipelago. Lot of people from former Dutch colony such as Suriname, Antillean, Indonesian now migrate to this small country. So you find different kind of races in The Netherlands and especially Rotterdam: Hindustani, Antillean, Manado, Moluccas . Despite of the past, now people have to learn to live together. Have better understanding on other cultures and respect each other.

Rotterdam was and is still the harbor city of The Netherlands. In the past people migrating to the USA or New World, sailed from Rotterdam. It was a beautiful city until it was destroyed at the beginning of the World War II.

A pity! Now they are rebuilding their image, the same the city of Hamburg and Berlin did after coming from the ashes after the war. We would like to document this city and it’s people and to show you a city with it’s multicultural identity. A Dutch city with the first major from a foreign background. A city that could be a metropolis in the next future. All picture taken by me and my wife Ambarum Sari.


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


The Netherlands 2010


133 Responses to “Mirror of New York”

  1. Agus Putu Pranayoga Says:

    It’s been long I haven’t seen your photo work. And I always amaze !! hehe

  2. Carl Merkin Says:

    Beautiful images…inspiring collection. Thanks for sharing.

  3. ronald agusta Says:

    “good pictures story and history”

  4. woifi Says:

    ganz starke Serie, mach große Lust hinterher zu laufen.
    Danke fürs Zeigen.
    Gruß Woifi

  5. Takumi Usami Says:

    I’m taking lunch in my office,and scrolling these images with a QUARTER POUNDER w./Cheese by my side.
    I suppose it will be wonderful if I can down to the “New York” in Rotterdam for my lunch break on such a sunny day today!
    Thanks for sharing !

  6. Hideki Kawasaki Says:

    superb collection as always. i enjoyed NY feeling with Euro flavor.

  7. Hade B Maulin Says:

    its amazing to knowing the history behind a city..completed with a series of stunning urban/street photographs, just make your blog be the one of my favorites. love those picts!

  8. CoolAzerty Says:

    Superb series of photographs, Brilliant work !!!

  9. jefry Says:

    success story reminds us of the history of the netherlands and photographs is very good, interesting and very beautiful …

  10. Christian Schmidtke Says:

    klasse fotos!! wie immer!!

  11. marinella Says:

    As usual your pics are very beautiful but I like particularly water taxi & reflection. Many thanks Sari & Jos 🙂

  12. Salvatore Ambrosi Says:

    Very beautiful and interesting portrait of city !

  13. Maria de G. Isla. Says:

    Anoche ausentó conección de ínter por ello no respondí a tiempo.
    Decía que magníficas fotografías, como siempre. Un documento que despierta el interés en mi, aquí en el último rincón del mundo. Imágenes muy limpias, realmente me encantan como le dan arte al blanco y negro. Muchas gracias y felicitaciones.

  14. Helmut Schadt Says:

    Thanks so much for your interesting story about Rotterdam and the fine series of pictures showing so well the international character of this city.

  15. budhi m soehono Says:

    Test.. Test.. Test.. 1.. 2.. 3..
    Keren Jos..

  16. Baskoro Wardono Says:

    Jos & Sari,

    Uistekend werk!! eerlijk gezegd weet ik zelf echt niet het detail van het Roterdamsche geschiedenis 🙂
    Zijn jullie niet bij de Wijnhaven geweest? of het wordt nog steeds gerenoveerd?


  17. Tove Ask Says:

    Very interessting pictures…really showing of the new life trending in Rotterdam…and the pics are just wonderful as always…I LOVE THEM ALL…:):)
    Thanks for sharing them…I enjoyed them so very much …..xox

  18. bjoern maletz Says:

    Wow, wieder einmal eine tolle Bilderserie. Danke fürs zeigen. Ihr beiden seit ein perfekt eingespieltes Team.

  19. tim Says:

    I honestly can’t tell which one I like most. Each has its own amazing qualities. I love your style. You capture people and places in a way that has a retro feel without the attempt to look retro. Fantastic work!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Tim, thank you for your interest and thank you that you can not decide which one you like most :). Interesting that you feel there is a retro look without an attempt to look like that in our pictures….

  20. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    Superb collection as always.Fantastic work!!!

  21. maurizio molgora Says:

    I had already the chance to express my feeling about your work, now these new pictures confirm what I wrote: every picture is a small movie, every picture you do is a tale, is a novel.
    thank you

  22. antonio perrone torkio Says:

    exellent work my dear, I like very much your BW

  23. Tino Nieto Says:

    Estoy impresionado con tu trabajo, es fantastico, amiga, mis más sinceras felicitaciones

  24. Tom Warner Says:

    Wonderful collection of Rotterdam images that truly reflect the flavors of NYC. Great job.

  25. juan carlos hinojosa Says:

    I love your work and I love street photography.

  26. Araakii Says:

    nice series! I like all those pedestrian shots. I need to pick up my camera and start shooting again.

  27. i putu adisaputra Says:

    Saya kaget ada Foto orang yg pake baju Beer Bintang… pasti dia abis dari Bali.. hehhe.. mudah2an kalo ada kesempatan dan keberuntungan saya juga mau ke kota New York yg sesungguh nya.. banyak Foto2 street lahir dri sana.. nice work and keep posting!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Jangan kaget mas, disini kental sekali Indonesianya. Oleh karena itu kami mengekspose Rotterdam agar orang tidak selalu berkiblat ke New York. Ginza Tokyo juga menarik! Terima kasih atas komentar dan kunjungannya!!

  28. Manfred Jochum Says:

    Amazing collection of splendid pictures around the city of Rotterdam. A very inspiring and diversified mix. Great!

  29. pratiwi s Says:

    Rotterdam, 2010.
    I feel like now I understand why snap shot they call it a Still photo.

    and I like that star reflection in the last pic.
    Nice Mba sari, Mas Jos, I love it! ^_^

  30. Andreas Lee Says:

    your photos always inspire me … I like how you take an obj .. image taken seemed so live … i can’t hardly wait to see another shot from you…

    Thanks for sharing..
    Mrs Sari n Mr Jos

  31. Liv Says:

    Großartige Bilder!!
    Ich mag besonders den Blick auf die Menschen, die Frau im Cafe, Leute auf der Straße….
    Vielen Dank u. liebe Grüße aus Lübeck!

  32. Alex Wright Says:

    It’s actually look like NYC!!! Well done!!! I love them!!!

  33. Dan Anderson Says:

    Very interesting group of comparison shots and some info I did not know – well done!!!

  34. simoneo333 Says:

    Excellent content. Talk about photos telling a story, excellent.

  35. Sandra Cailliau Says:

    Brilliant article and photos…As always.
    To show Multicultural spirit in Monochrome is hard enough, being able to show the New York culture impact on Netherlands through years is even harder. You just nailed it. Amazing work. I absolutely love it. Thank You for sharing. All the best to you Sari and Hello to your husband. XXX

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Sandra, thank you for your impression and comments!! We think every city that has a multicultural environment will look like this.

      best regards,

      Sari and Jos

  36. zhu haiping Says:

    Fantastic series!
    When I was a schoolboy,I got to know the name of Rotterdam ,which I knew is the largest port in the world! Thanks for your photography works making me have a deeper insight in to the beautiful city and wonderful people!

  37. Hameediii Says:

    Thank you so much for inviting me to view these wonderful photos.My favourites would have to be 9,10,13,16,19.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck

  38. Carlos Codina Says:

    Black and white, maybe gray too, don’t need more, .. you have a universe in your eyes

  39. Raymond Wealthy Says:

    Magical collection. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Thai MAI VAN Says:

    Very nice photos BW of Rotterdam! thank you for sharing with us

  41. Komang Says:

    Sangat mengesankan mbak, tone hitam putihnya sangat terasa bedanya sersa memiliki ruang, moment2xnya juga keren, mudah di cerna seperti memiliki cerita tersendiri…:)

    Salam dari bali

  42. Buddy Says:

    interesting photos. thank you for sharing.

  43. Buddy Says:

    thanks for sharing. interesting and beautiful photos.

  44. carbalzac Says:

    Very nice b&w and good good gallery .

  45. Andi wibowo Says:

    mas jos and mbak sari..
    very nice BW pictures….all those pics seemed to bring me back to new york in sixties….
    keep taking pics..your BW’s are really2 nice..

  46. Gérard Tournebize Says:

    Very good graphic design and dynamism, very interesting work, I like!!

  47. Bruno manno Says:

    very different, graphic and people picture.
    very nice black and white
    I want to go to rotterdam

  48. Ozukaru Says:

    Very nice b&w and excelent gallery .

  49. Peter Zimolong Says:

    Thanks for your invitation! – Very nice views!!! – All the best and greetings from Dresden! Peter

  50. Ali Santoso Says:

    Hi Jos and Sari…
    its always stunning to see your photos collection…
    sometime I could imagine that I was be there and involved with tat situation….;-)

    I love your black and wihite photos…..like that tones and ofcourse that moments that you captured.

    “Hotel New York, Rotterdam 2010”
    “The Erasmus bridge over the Maas river, Rotterdam 2010”
    “Cafe , Rotterdam 2010”
    “Fashionable Couple, Rotterdam 2010”
    “The Schouwburg, Rotterdam 2010”
    “Skyscrapers, Rotterdam 2010”
    those are my favorite photos…

    Jos and Sari…..thanks for sharing with us ….you are always gave me more inspiration for doing in photograghy……saluti..;-)

  51. adi taylor Says:

    another excellent collection of b&w,you both have a good eye for the street’s,love the trade center reflection & deli shot.

  52. Raúl Grijalbo Says:

    Buenísimas, efectivamente te transportan a Nueva York

  53. William Palank Says:


  54. silvano Says:

    Good balance of black and white and the beauty of natural and spontaneous images,this is really a nice work.Sari,Jos,thanks for sharing!!!!

  55. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    I’m enchanted looking at these pictures. Beautiful work…

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  56. Françoise Sérusier Says:

    Marvelous and very interesting serie !!!
    Love the B&W processing !
    Thank you for sharing
    Congrats !

  57. Pat Dalton Says:

    A wonderful collection of B&W images of people going about their normal every day life.

  58. funesphoto Says:

    Great street pictures !! Lewitt & Winogrand are from Rotterdam?


  59. Horea Feier Says:

    This is a fantastic reportage series, Sari! The pictures capture very well the “mood” of a busy metropolis. Superb!

  60. Robert Trumpet Says:

    beautiful portrait of a city, i really like the use of bw too … great!

  61. Claudia Mayerzedt Says:

    I´ve never been to Rotterdam before, a beautiful city…well documented in B/W, thank you for sharing!
    hugs to Sari
    lg Claudia

  62. MRK PALASH Says:

    Hi My Friends,

    im so proud of u, i like ur works,all of images are stunning.
    I wish u will show a photo documentary on family/social crisis.is it possible my friends?
    best of luck and my love with u in ur all of works.

    MRK Palash

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thank you very much for your interest! To document a social situation you have to be involve with the subject and that is not always easy. Also it is difficult to find a social situation that would be interesting in the Netherlands….

  63. JustQ4 Says:

    What a lovely series. Gives some nice view on Rotterdam. Tonesetting of the B&W is really nice as well!

  64. ismail Says:

    nice shot … congratulations

  65. Tracy Lynn Deis Says:

    This does look amazingly like New York!

  66. Ervon Es Says:

    wonderful series !!!
    amazing how you took pictures of the soul of a city !

    cheers !

  67. Frits Says:

    Dear Sari,

    I’m impressed with your knowledge about the Dutch in genera and Rotterdam in specific. The series of photographs give a good impression of Rotterdam and the people who reside there. Your choice for black and white is appropriate for the segregation between the white Dutch and the residents of the former colonies. The series bridge the gap.

    Thanks for pointing out this series.

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