Ritual of a City

Leiden Onzet 3 October

Every year Leiden celebrate their independence from Spain from a 80 year war (1568 until 1648) which is historical not completely true, according Judith Pollmann a historic expert on Leiden Onzet. It was more a civil war between followers of Willem van Oranje, who fled to Germany and start organizing a rebellion from there, and the dutch people who did not want to fight Spain due to their believe. The major of the city Leiden, Pieter Adriaensz van der Werft was taken from power for two years by Willem van Oranje, because van der Werft want to capitulate to Spain. The legend that he offer the people of Leiden his body as meal was started by his family. There were also no complete hunger in the first and second siege by Spain, which is told differently by the legend. Apart of those background, people in Leiden every year celebrate this moment and having fun for 3-4 days. At the beginning of the ceremony most people in Leiden eat a typical meal, the Hutspot a dish of boiled and mashed potatoes, carrots and onions. It start on the 2nd of October evening at 17:00. After having a meal a big parade held through the city, The Big Taptoe.  Leiden and Germany celebrates 3 October for different reasons, one for being united after the World War II and the other after surviving against the siege of 80 years of war with Spain. This marks our two years stay in this small city after leaving Germany.


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010


Leiden 2010



77 Responses to “Ritual of a City”

  1. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    Magical collection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Agus Putu Pranayoga Says:

    Wonderful ! You can catch the essence of this city’s ritual. Their emotion. Nice pics sist..

  3. Roman Kravchenko Says:

    Interesting information, a great visual look, I think it would be interesting to photograph those moments of history according to the method wet plate collodion process!

  4. woifi Says:

    lebendiges Leiden, besonders gesehen.
    sehr schön

  5. Ali Santoso Says:

    Every photo has spoken a unique moment….amzing photos….thanks for sharing.

  6. Urban Says:

    Thank you for charing your moments in jour city and life. I realy like your photos …
    Kind regards
    Urban your fotofriend from. sweden

  7. Baskoro Wardono Says:

    Thanks for sharing Jos and Sari … I didn’t know that Hutspot is the special meal for this event … I just know that Hutspot is lekker …

  8. Komang Says:

    Great moments capture, and beautiful BW tone colours, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. isidoros prinos Says:

    Great work.Nice capture and tone.

  10. Thomas Bregulla Says:

    Good photographs! They give me some insight what it is like to be there. Keep to good work up!

  11. Takumi Usami Says:

    Thank you for sharing wonderful photo-essay for us!
    I’d like to visit Leiden town following the images which you two guys gave to us on this blog some day.

  12. Andreas Lee Says:

    all of this amazing shot is always give me some inspiration…
    Thanks for sharing Jos and Sari

  13. Mustakim-ur Rahman Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful work… Capturing of moments, perfect settings, and black & white tones in the work are awesomely done… I congratulate you………….

  14. ronald agusta Says:

    The war is irony. Celebrations of independence are sympathetic to the victims of war. I hope the war does not happen again on earth. Leiden people celebration is an effort to remind us to prevent war. This is a photo story that is useful for creating lasting peace. A little advice from me, I want to see the expression of the local people, with close-up capture the excitement of this celebration. Thanks Jos for sharing 🙂

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Yes indeed! If someone start a war, everything is already a loss. Thank you very much for your input….

  15. Emi Parman Says:

    well chosen moments in amazing shots! beautiful collection! thanks for sharing..

  16. Lars-Göran Hedström Says:

    Jos and Sari!
    Thanks for a well told and illustrated story from Leiden. Very fine black and white pictures. Good work. Thanks for sharing.

  17. maurizio molgora Says:

    how can you describe this images with words?
    Yes, could be an appropriate adjective

  18. L.H Says:

    Karya yang bagus.! saya selalu suka foto ‘hitam putih’. ini koleksi yang sangat bagus.!

    salam sukses,

  19. Silvano Says:

    Beautiful and interesting celebratory event, an excellent report.Sari,Jos,thanks for sharig this nice work!!!

  20. Bruno Meyer Says:

    What can I say ? Very interesting. I learned something about the Netherlands and the pictures are still perfect. Nice job !

  21. Birgit Krippner Says:

    Great captures. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful …

  22. marinella Says:

    I always like to see Leiden through your cameras and your delicacy of feelings.
    Thank you Sari & Jos

  23. Tati Says:

    Exciting to see those fotos, like reading a book.
    Bravo Inalux! Hopefully someday both of you can take foto in Greece.
    Best regards,

  24. Patrick CHARRIERE Says:

    All are very beautiful, and I love so much street photography !
    Thaks a lot, Sari,
    See you

  25. Ozukaru Says:

    A series of moments captured at the right time, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

  26. Helmut Schadt Says:

    Fine pictures giving an amazing impression about life in Leiden.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Salam hangat,

  27. Hideki Kawasaki Says:

    Splendid work as always! So wonderful to see Leiden through your eyes.
    Thank you for sharing!

  28. i putu adisaputra Says:

    Look really good Mr.Jos. Nice job shot together, some very cool works.

  29. sandra cailliau Says:

    Monochrome… Always a capture of the spirit and lasts for eternity. Thank You for sharing these moments with us. All the best to you. Shared on my facebook wall…We never know, sometimes even a little drop can make a difference..;) Best regards to both of you. XXX

  30. Manfred Says:

    Wonderful album, friends! I like it very much.
    Cheers from Edmonton
    Your Brazilian friend – now becoming Canadian, Manfred

  31. richardkane Says:

    A wonderful photo essay with beautiful images, capturing the mood and the spirit of such a special place. Very well done!!

  32. Harald Benz Says:

    Great job. Nice collection of photos!

  33. William Palank Says:

    Wonderful series Jos and Sari. Love the one of the families in line in front of the bridge.

  34. Liv Says:

    Great impressions!
    Thank you for sharing.

  35. Tino Nieto Says:

    That pretty all Sari. Your photographic eye is wonderful. Congratulations, you pass happy Christmas with your loved ones

  36. Isla de Maria Says:

    Magníficas, muy agradecida por compartir, saludos desde Chile..!!

  37. Öznur Kılıç Says:

    I like very much the essay with your photos

  38. pratiwi s Says:

    It seems like Leiden people loves carnivals ya mba Sari, mas Jos, look at their faces, so happy, wearing traditional costumes and there’s marching bands also..
    wow! I love carnivals! (wish I was there) ^_^

  39. Johan Says:

    interesting story, like listening to my grandma”s stories in my childhood – Johan

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