Odd Things in Dutch Student Meaning Outing

On 21.01.2011 students and professors from whole Netherlands gathered in The Hague to protest the higher education budget cut plan from the new government.

This is the biggest demonstration held since 1968. We don’t expect any riots, since the student culture in The Netherlands are different than any other European culture.

At the end of the demonstration there is a small riot in the central of the city, but it was quick over. We do not want to show typical demonstration pictures, but odd and funny things we saw. Enjoy!


The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


 The Netherlands 2011


126 Responses to “Odd Things in Dutch Student Meaning Outing”

  1. richardkane Says:

    very nicely done indeed. Cutting edge reportage with a touch of sensitivity and even a sense of humour to it. My favourite images are 7,9,10 and 11, which are all just superb and are the ones, for what ever reason it is, that just yank me off my feet and pull me towards them. More outstanding photography on display here from 2 special talents indeed!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thank you Richard for your impressions on those picture. I personally think Sari did a very good job. We don’t want to fall into the category of photographing a demonstration as a usual, but looking for odd things during the demonstration. So our intention from the beginning was different.

  2. marinella Says:

    great reportage, I thank you Sari and Jos ❤

  3. buddiems@yahoo.com Says:

    Nice capture..
    sepertinya ada arak2an utk berdemo.
    Are you a journalist photographer? Saya suka dgn foto pertama dimana terlihat walau penggalan, sepeda2 ditinggalkan utk berpartisipasi bergabung dalam barisan kah?
    Maju terus dan makin bermutu karya foto2nya..



    • Jos Runarka Says:

      betul Budhi, seperti cerita diatas mereka berdemo atas keputusan kabinet pemerintahan negeri Belanda untuk memotong budget pendidikan. Kami sekarang tidak terlalu memperhatikan pemotongan obyek tertentu, mengingat sekarang banyak fotografer handel melakukan hal ini. Kami bukan foto jurnalis dan melakukan ini hanya demi kepuasan pribadi mendokumentasikan kehidupan sekitar kami. Terima kasih untuk kunjungannya ya….


      Sari dan Jos

  4. Tino Nieto Says:

    unos encuadres de libro, me gustan mucho, y el virado es como de costumbre, fabuloso. Enhorabuena!

  5. felix Says:

    very nice indeed. thanks for sharing!

  6. Lars-Göran Hedström Says:

    Great work! Some very fine pictures and a well told story through the pictures. Pick the five best shots that tell the story ´bout the demonstration and take part in Steve Huffs Leica M9 competition!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thank you Lars-Göran for your time seeing our images also thank you for your information about the competition….

  7. Baskoro Wardono Says:

    Jos & Sari,

    Thanks for sharing … I have also received invitation from TU Delft to join this event … unfortunatelly I am living in the other end of the world …
    Ik kan heel goed begrijpen waarom ze protesteerden … het studenten leven is het beste periode van je leeftijd …

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hoi Bas, dat klopt. Elke alumni krijg altijd een email of informatie over de laatste nieuws van de universiteit. Maar dat ze ook een uitnodiging krijgen voor een demonstratie is me heel nieuw! Ja het studenten leven is het beste levens periode.

      Bedankt voor je tijd om onze beelde te bekijken!

  8. isidoros prinos Says:

    Well done reportage .Excellent capture and good told story.

  9. Neil Jacobs Says:

    Nice work guys.
    Very reminiscent of the 60’s protest and demonstrations that eventually bought pressure on governments to change their way of thinking.
    Good use of Black & White and a photojournalist Life/Time approach to the subjects. Would have liked to see a couple of real close ups and even wide angle shots of faces. Getting right in the middle of the action so to speak.
    Good story telling. I like your work guys.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      It was the first biggest demonstration since 60’s, but we don’t feel it was a demonstration. It was more like a big party. The students behave during the event until after they go back to the center of the city there was a group that try to provoke the situation. Even many professors from the whole land came and demonstrate with their toga and march through the center of the city peacefully. It was a bit boring if you are looking for those typical demonstration action, but that is not what we are looking for. Thank you for your time and comments Neil!

      Sari and JOs

  10. francesca Says:

    Fantastico reportage , bellissime foto …complimenti !

  11. terrell clark Says:

    Very well done. Inspiring coverage of a most sensitive subject. The images are very layered thus lending themselves to a dynamic and complete nature. The black and white vistas presented here offers one both a classic and modern view into exceptional documentary work!

  12. Manfred Zeuch Says:

    Jos and Sari, you have great photos here again, thank you for sharing! Cheers from Edmonton

  13. Agus Putu Pranayoga Says:

    very nice perspective and composition. Simply the best !!!
    Looking forward to your next photos 🙂

  14. Andreas Lee Says:

    Saya sgt menikmati setiap photo yg ada di blog ini… terutama the older generation goes the other direction, Preparing from water dan The protest ball..sangat memberikan inspirasi dlm cara pengambilan..

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Jos dan Mrs. Sari..

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Terima kasih Andreas untuk komentarnya. Sudut pengambilan Sari memang tidak biasa dan mungkin karena dia selalu mengatakan dia bukan fotografer dan tidak pernah sibuk dengan kamera 😉

  15. maurizio molgora Says:

    can images change the world?
    if you take a look to these pictures, you would answer: “yes”
    great sari

  16. sandra cailliau Says:

    Brilliant work as always.
    That white ball kept reminding me of the series from the late 60’s ” The prisoner ” , as I read and watched, it striked me even more as being a very symbolic and spiritual fight against a government that is always pulling our strings and testing our obediance and stupidity.
    As it happen in a very nasty way in England unfortunately, your work should be displayed to show the world how more relaxed and brighter other Europeans can speak for the rights and answer to a manipulative power that we, if I still believe, voted to help and protect the generation coming…Our children.
    For the picture with the name ” need a new poster ” I thought , “respect to the architect of the New Millenium”.
    Will share it on my wall Sari. Always proud to do so.
    All the Best to both of you. XXX

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thank you Sandra for those comments! Yes Sari did a very good work and was a joy for her that day. As I described somewhere in those answers here. The dutch is very different than other European countries. You saw the symbolic meaning of the balloon very well. Discussion in the Netherlands is always like pulling and pushing until there is common understanding and a decision can be made. We are curious what the future will bring. Thank you for posting Sari’s work also on your wall.


      Sari and Jos

  17. Christian Says:

    A set of images so real and represent a warmth and peace when the demonstration.

    Demonstration by the students in the Netherlands is very worthy to be imitated, because it shows that democracy prevailing in the Netherlands is really appreciated by the students, even when there is a contradiction. So a valuable lesson from this incident is that a contradiction (demonstration) is not always characterized by violence or vandalism.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thank you Christian for your impressions! The dutch culture are very different or at least what we feel if comparing with other European countries. Even if they are very angry, you will not notice as outsider that they are already angry. You have to live here quite long to be able to notice that.

  18. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    Great captures. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!!!!!

  19. Harald Benz Says:

    Very civilized event. I know … very dutch, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, it makes it harder for a photographer to show the urgency and frustration in people that caused such an event.
    Sure, some shots look more like a quiet Sunday afternoon walk in the park because of this. Otherwise though, you’ve managed nicely to bring out the underlying ‘vibe’ by finding interesting angles and at the same time incorporating the protesters ‘tools of the trade’ (banners, signs and such). Nicely done.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Yes indeed very dutch. If you have been here before you will noticed that. And yes it make harder for the photographer to capture the emotion and frustration of the people as you said. We felt that day as if it was not a demonstration but more a pop music event. Everybody was in good mood. There were some tomatoes throw to one particular political figure, but it was a matter of seconds and never happen again. At the end of the demonstration was a short conflict between security forces and some groups but it was also solved quickly. You can see their frustration in their writings on those posters. The word for dutch term was already very hard! The only dangerous people gathering in The Netherlands are those fight after a football match :-)…and from stories told to me a demonstration of the harbor workers in the 80’s…

      Thank you for your time and impressions Harald!

  20. Zeppelzauer Says:

    sehr stimmungsvolle bilder. es zeigt eine sehr gute reportage einer demo. gratuliere!
    liebe grüße aus dem salzkammergut

  21. Nicholas Baumgartner Says:

    Wonderful, poignant series of images!

  22. Birgit Krippner Says:

    Sari & Jos,

    Some amazing images here.
    Image #5 for me is the strongest.
    Thanks you for showing them to me.
    All the best,

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thank you very much Bixie for your time and comments. May be this how the dutch student outing their meaning, protesting with balloons. There were also some figures who tried to smuggle metal bars and other stuff into the area, but it was already screened by security forces. We noticed them everywhere with communication gadget behind their ears.

      Sari and Jos

  23. Komang Says:

    very nice photos, full story and a special atmosphere, love your photos style, special for me photo 7 & 11 🙂

  24. ronald agusta Says:

    Dinamika masyarakat selalu menarik. Kadang kita beranggap bahwa satu gambar adalah beribu makna, tetapi sering juga tidak. Bila tidak ada deskripsi album, sungguh saya tidak akan tahu bahwa ini adalah sebuah demonstrasi. Jadi, terimakasih Jos dan Sari, telah menyajikan ‘a pictorial journalism’ yang telah memberikan pengetahuan baru bagi saya, terutama tentang dinamika masyarakat pendidikan di belahan dunia yang jauh dari tempat saya tinggal.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Terima kasih mas Ronald atas uraian dan kesannya atas posting kami ini. Apabila mas berada di lokasi pada saat itu memang tidak terasa seperti demonstrasi, akan tetapi lebih terasa seperti pesta musik. Sebelum kami memutuskan untuk datang, saya terlebih dahulu berdiskusi dengan teman-teman Belanda saya tentang demonstrasi di Belanda, terutama demonstrasi mahasiswa. Mereka mengatakan, jangan berharap seperti dinegara lagin dimana ada kerusuhan besar. Ini bukan karakter kaum intelektual bangsa Belanda. Mas dapat membandingkan Belanda dengan bangsa Eropa lainnya sebagai bangsa “priyai”. Mereka sangat menjaga tutur kata dan emosi mereka…Sekali lagi terima kasih untuk masukannya!

  25. jefry Says:

    work astonishing. . I am very like it. . I wait another work result. .
    thank for Sari and Jos

  26. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    Wonferful reportage, as always very well done…!!
    Thank you dear friends. 🙂

  27. Wolfgang Says:

    … sehr schönen Schwarzweiss-Fotografien

    Gutes Licht


  28. Maxim Reider Says:

    Thank you for sharing, this is interesting

  29. Helmut Schadt Says:

    Vielen Dank für den Einblick in die Demo-Szene der Studenten in Holland mit interessant gesehenen Bildern.
    Erstaunlich dass es auch recht friedlich und ohne Blutvergießen auf einer Demo zugehen kann;-)
    Terima kasih dan salam hangat,

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Vielen dank Helmut! Es muss nicht immer mit Unruhe sein. So lange beide Seiten nicht verharen. Salam hangat dan terima kasih kembali!

      Sari dan Jos

  30. curt themessl Says:

    Sehr gute Bilder,toller Blick!
    Thanks Curt

  31. Ali Santoso Says:

    Dear Jos and Sari,

    Always seem fantastic to see your photos, I’m still remember with your previous photo at your blog really great photos for me, thanks for sharing.

    With this blog…”…and the older generation goes the other direction” is really very inspiring me, many things could be tell something happend at there with the various opinion….very good captured…..

    ““Your future depends on them kid”” from Sari…..also told something uniquely…with his kid together to see what something happen…..educated and antusiasm….briliant idea….;-)

    I like “Need a new poster” too…..very natural and show what they will do……
    “The protest ball” also very interesting moment….asked me what the situasion was…;-)

    “Preparing from water, tomato and rot eggs” told me behind the scene….I saw each expression from the in the back of that situation….thanks Jos for showing me ….;-)

    Ambarum Sari did a great job with this shot…”The future is budget cut with 1 Million Euros fine”….I like it …..thanks Sari for did a brilliant shot..;-)

    Always a sarcartic poster in every action and you have caputured it…..but I did know what was that mean 🙂

    Rest of your photos…’At the end somebody has to clean up dan …and then we separate from Malieveld. Oprotten……” are interesting moment….and you have very smart to close the photo story…
    even I did not make a good photos as you are doing but I’m very enjoying this one….again I would like to say thank you so much for sharing with me …Jos and Sari.
    Wish I can learn form you sometime….;-)

    ok Jos and Sari….hopefully you got more sucsses…

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Until now, you are the one with the longest comment Ali! Thank you very much for leaving your meaning about our images. Yes Sari did very well….

      Good luck with you!

      Sari and Jos

  32. Martin Says:

    Excellent coverage of this event great photos Jos and sari

  33. Dorival Moreira Says:

    Trabalho jornalístico de exelente qualidade, ficou maravilhoso em P&B.

  34. Salvatore Ambrosi Says:

    Excellent reportage and very beautiful photos |

  35. Emi Parman Says:

    Een mooie, eerlijke en complete verhaal! Thanks for sharing!!

  36. William Palank Says:

    Dear Jos and Sari,

    Wonderful reportage. I love the intimacy. It’s interesting that you state that the Dutch students are less apt to protests or riots than other European students.


    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear William,

      yes, even I was surprised when I first live and work in Holland. It was a culture shock because I get custom with the Germans after 13 years living with them. I like to be direct, but it is not polite to do that here in Holland. From some discussion with dutch friends of mine, there was a change in communication since the last 10 years or so. The older dutch generation might more what I know from the Germans. May be because we lived in “Randstad” the provincial of the Netherlands where Amsterdam, The Hague lies. Thank you for your time and comments!


      Sari and Jos

  37. simoneo333 Says:

    Excellent series of B/W photos. I enjoyed and admired how the photos brought you inot the activity and even apathy of the event. Love the “Protest Ball”, it speaks a 1000 words. I also admire that you did not create drama that was not present at the protest. Living in America, so often events are exploited merely to gain an audience.

    The skill of the photographers are clear. Well done.

    Excellent work!!!!


    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Thank you Simone 🙂 There is no drama, except at the end there was a small riot that was quick ended. May be the security forces did their work good and put those “trouble makers” in custody before. It was not also our intend from the beginning to look for “drama”, just odd and funny things in our eyes 🙂



  38. Françoise Sérusier Says:

    Thank you for sharing !
    Really it is a great documentary serie !

    As always ,I admire your blog !

  39. CoolAzerty Says:

    great reportage, excellent photographic work !!!

  40. Isla de María Says:

    Imágenes muy significativas, y muy bien seleccionadas, muy buen documento visual, el cual complemento al leer todos los comentarios, como siempre, admirables fotografías y estilo, saludos y agradecimientos mis amigos.

  41. Françoise Sérusier Says:

    Thank you Sari !
    I am Fifichat 1 on Flickr 🙂

  42. pratiwi s Says:

    terpaksa pakai bahasa Indonesia.

    Menurutku memang yang betul begitu mbak Sari, mas Jos. Walau bentuknya acara Protes/demo, tapi harus jelas acaranya mau apa saja. jadi tetap bisa terorganisir dengan baik.
    Semoga cara berdemo yang intelek bisa juga dilakukan oleh para mahasiswa di negeri kita, hiks..
    gambarane asik, dan lihat rona-rona wajah mereka.. hehe protes tapi tenang dan rapi. gak perlu sambil marah marah karena toh acara itu sendiri sudah pengejawantahan dari protes.

    luv you mba Sari, mas Jos, thank you for sharing ^_^)y

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Terima kasih Pratiwi untuk waktu yang diluangkan dan komentarnya. Sebenarnya dengan pendidikan yang baik orang menjadi mengerti dan belajar berkomunikasi. Sebenarnya bangsa Indonesia dulu masih pandai musyawarah lho. Hanya saja kita lupakan.


      Sari dan Jos

  43. Hiroki Says:

    Dear Sari and Jos,

    congratulations on your great job! Fantastic photojournalistic work and I’m glad it was a non-violent demonstration and I hope you achieve your goals (please tell me the outcome!). Thanks for sharing this brilliant reportage with us. Take care!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Hiroki,

      thank you for those kind comments of you. We will see what the future brings. Success with you too!


      Sari and Jos

  44. Blazenka Brysha Says:

    A very alternative view and one well worth seeing. Thank you. Could translations of the protest signs be included, please?

  45. Lianny Says:

    SELAMAT ya Sari untuk hasil karya foto yang bagus, terima kasih sudah berbagi pandangan mata lewat jepretan kamera.

    salam sukses,

  46. dan Says:

    A wonderfully done piece of photojournalism Jos & Sari!

  47. antolin Says:

    thanks for let me know about your blog!
    the whole series is absolutely stunning! very very good work!

    (breath hold shooting)

  48. Kiloran Cavendish Says:

    Unusual shots, really pick up the feeling, mood and atmosphere of a demonstration.

  49. Patrick CHARRIERE Says:

    Very good work ! I love “the last one » particularly. You i love B/W, specially yours !

  50. Magne Says:

    Great documentary series! 🙂 I love that you show it in black and white, makes it all more serious, suitable to the message of the demo.

    Great blog too 🙂

  51. i putu adisaputra Says:

    foto yang ke lima favorite saya.. moment bola putih nya yg ngambang … kerenn.. never stop to snap people Om Jos dan Mba Sari..

  52. antonio perrone torkio Says:

    excellent work Ambarum … good streeter … congrats
    i prefer this photo

    The last one in a modern Netherland
    is very very good

  53. robert trumpet Says:

    great work really weel done! i love the use of bw for this kind of social reportage!

  54. pc suhartono Says:

    Karya2 foto hitam putih yang selalu sedap dipandang..tks boleh menikmati dan belajar..salam sukses selalu untuk Mas Jos dan mBak Sari.

  55. Timothy Says:

    The Fourth picture I like quite a bit for its solitary but resolute feel. The fourth one from the bottom of the young woman holding the sign above her head seems to capture what any protest might feel like. Protests seem to expose a piece of ourselves that never show when we are content with things. They are edgy and still somewhat calm scenes. Excellent sense of documentary. I was in Berlin, Germany once for a peace protest which I captured on film. I still remember the crowds and feel. These pictures brought back those memories.

  56. Fabio Lodigiani Says:

    A very nice reportage, Ambarum. I love those pics… Thank you for share with me…

  57. Araakii Says:

    The photos are real, casual and well composed. This is the kind of photography I really like. Just simple images that depict reality and touch on social issues.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  58. Manfred Jochum Says:

    A great series. Very “tight” atmosphere in this stunning reportage, which alömost makes me feel “right in the middle” of it.

  59. Frits de Vink Says:

    Dear Sari and Jos,

    The two of you are taking pictures that are straight from life it selves, and give so good impressions of what is going on. Please keep up the good work.

  60. Zhu Haiping Says:

    Love the series!

  61. Zhu Haiping Says:

    Something is wrong with the display of the webpage,Sari. Part of it is

  62. Hideki Kawasaki Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Great documentary.

  63. Neil Says:

    Well done Jos I like the coverage very much. The pictures remind me of those taken at the protest marches against the wear in Viet Nam in the sixties. Well done to you both.

  64. Paule Says:

    Great shots in the snow. Makes the snow look like fun.

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