Before and Then – In Between You Can’t Buy –

It has been a long time since our last posting on our blog. May be we are just getting to picky…

Finding moments in a small space where we live are getting more difficult after living for a long time at the same place. You are forced to take what is presented to you. May be we need to move on to another place? A journey or travel for a week or so and take photographs, was not in our mind since we believe, to capture the spirit of a place  you have to live there for at least 6 months. This is not an option for us at this moment. So we have to live with what is deliverd to us.

Capturing moments of life in a city is not and has never been easy. A trained eye will scan the environment continuesly, only to find those moments. A precious one. One that you can take home with some happiness like a caveman after a long hunt…

Most of our time, we didn’t get any trouble with people as they didn’t notice getting photographed. There are few times, where we have been asked by people what we are doing. Once Sari been yelled by a man: “I will kill you!”. Well I go to this guy and talk. It was a guy famous for asking money from shop owners, just for a cup of coffee. He left us and was never seen again. Some can be satisfied by a calm explanation, sometimes we have to go for the  hard conversation….but this don’t stop us for doing our work.  For us they are moments we can’t buy and was given to us as a gift.

Most of you did already saw our work in social media, some reappears here and some are new…so please enjoy!

A tired Mickey Mouse on a man shoulder until it became adult…or may be never be…


Leiden 2012

An old gentleman we met during the cold winter 2012, taking photos with his roller on the frozen small rivers called grachten. A good idea if you have to walk and take your gear on frozen ice!


Leiden 2012

One in a year a marathon is held in Leiden somewhere in spring. As usual we take a walk to see people gathering on  the street. With a glimpse Sari saw an old gentleman stepping out of the crowd and raise her rangefinder and took this shot. He should be better suited for that event…


Leiden 2012

On a walk from the Saturday market I saw this window and felt I have to take a shot of it. We don’t know what the real intention was, but we like the composition they made.


Leiden 2012

The shot below was made during our coverage of the student demonstration at the Hague 2011. I like the word ZEN that appears in front of the guy in yellow-blue jacket. A word that associate with meditation, concentration and voila a guy with a Leica Rangefinder that I noticed in a fraction of second made the combination…


The Hague 2011

A dog to be taken and the word “gratis” means for free…


Leiden 2012

Rolling ice for a hot summer…


Leiden 2011

Oh yes, we love this one. In a Sunday morning we saw children gathered in front of an erotic shop “beate uhse” famous in germany beate for life. In this case the interpretation can be several…


Leiden 2011

What we very often met here is that people taking their little dogs with a child stroller…strange…


Leiden 2012

Ah yes, people take a break and having a small talk and wait until the traffic light switch to green…and this in middle of the street. Typical dutch!


Leiden 2012

BTW about typical dutch or at least what we think they are like that, is the ability to make improvisation for temporary solutions. I dont know if I will see this in germany…


Leiden 2012

City transportation of the future, flexible, small and doesn’t need any parking area…


The Hague 2011

Sunbathing with a sunscreen….


Leiden 2012

Which one that takes the money?


Leiden 2012

….you don’t have to collect things from garbage, join the SP (Sociaal Partij) Nederland. Someone reach her/his hand with a picture of Roemer head of the party.


Leiden 2012

The picture below cartoonized the bad image of the sport world due the dopping scandal…


Leiden 2012

The gap between old and young…


Leiden 2012

In this student city, there are always funny and strange things to enjoy…


Leiden 2012

We appreciate everyone who visit our blog and also to those who left their impressions in our work. See you on our next post. Cheers!


80 Responses to “Before and Then – In Between You Can’t Buy –”

  1. Antonio Torkio Says:

    excellent timing in all shots

  2. Isidoros Prinos Says:

    Great work.Love your way to see Leiden !!

  3. sandra cailliau Says:

    I always loved your photos and the way you see the world. That open third eye is your heart…I keep saying it all the time. Our imagination is a poetry when it comes to share that vision of the world. Keep going Dear friends, share the way you see the world and never give up, even if situations are not always easy or the positive inspiration and message not rightly understood. What matters is that some of us, even if we are a few, still apreciate and smile thanks to you. You are Great love teachers to those who want to see simple life as truly beautiful. Keep faith . Huge hugs.XXX

  4. Tati Says:

    all fotos so fantastic, rare moments

  5. andreasleephoto Says:

    Very original, love the tone and all capturing is so inspires me…
    Thanks for sharing uncle Jos and auntie Sari..

    • Jos Runarko Says:

      Hi Andreas, thank you so much for always keep your time visiting our blog. You made good work and we see a progress in a different style too. Good work Andreas…

  6. Lupe Says:

    I agree with the comments of Sandra, very successful. Thank you very much for wonderful message of vision, love you always..!!

  7. Theresia Budiningish Says:

    Nice picture.

  8. komang Says:

    🙂 trimakasih untuk sering potonya, selalu mbmerikan gambaran n cerita yang berbeda, tonal warna yang nyaman dan moment yang selalu membuat tersenyum.. trims 🙂

  9. Diba Aris Says:

    Jeli menangkap momen adalah keunggulan Jos dan Sari. Karya-karya Inalux tidak hanya menampilkan potret aktivitas manusia dan lokasi, ada ekspresi dalam image. Bravo Inalux

  10. emi Says:

    Sari and Jos, nice shots! Never thought you could get some rough times by doing your hobby.. But that’s what makes this world so bright and colourful, just like your pictures! Way to go!!

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Emi and Baskoro, thank you for your visit! Yes we encounter rough times but thats part of the business I think. Thank you for your kind words. Cheers, Sari and Jos

  11. Lianny Says:

    Bagus ya, Sari, terima kasih sudah menuntun pada Blog yang bagus ini.

  12. andut Says:

    things are different now..all are in color@..surprissed!..or this may to show the cheerful of the moments…anyway..nice blog..nice story.. as I told you the most difficult thing in having blog is to maintain the content..and you do it so the way I am waiting your new story on your blog with many pictures from indonesia…lets do it..folks!

    • Jos Runarko Says:

      Actually you should not be surprised Andi, if you look in our work in the past there are also color images we made. Yes maintain a work in those years are the most difficult thing, but we manage it. If we came back to our home country surely we will and hope we can capture it in a different light…

  13. manfredkz Says:

    Love these street photographs, my friends! Great work! Cheers, Manfred Zeuch

  14. suhartono pc Says:

    Selalu indah untuk dinikmati..sukses selalu

  15. HarTantyo Says:

    Dear Sari & Jos, Thanks for sharing your nice photos of social activities in Leiden … keep in touch by sharing photo collections, Tantyo & Anita

  16. Kriswanta Gregorius Says:

    i like these – natural pictures…exellent moment..

  17. carbalos balza Says:

    The patience and the moment has giving special moments.

  18. gerard tournebize Says:

    I feel a precise approach, but still own the discrete street photography! I like …

  19. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    Great work…as always.

  20. Ali Santoso Says:

    I am always enjoying your photoshot Jos and Sari……
    each photos are telling something about emotion, ambience and the situation.

    well done Jos and Sari…..enjoy your time then.

    sending you a hug.

  21. Agus Putu Pranayoga Says:

    Leica color always amazing. Shoot by an excellent photographer make excellent result 🙂

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Agus, is there a particular Leica color? In the past there are Fuji Pro, Kodak colors. I think it is a matter how natural color are represented back in the image. More important for us is the mood, so color can be re-interpreted again…Thank you…

  22. Charly Oviedo Says:

    Excellent work, and nice view of Leiden´s streets.

  23. droidmedia Says:

    Nice work, I also too find it challenging to take pics where I have lived for so long. New locations always inspire, whether there for a day or a week or a month! Cheers, Andy

    • Jos Runarko Says:

      Thank you Andi. We also like your blog and the way you took photographs. New location can be inspiring but another style of image can be inspiring and challanging! Cheers Sari and Jos

  24. Tino Nieto Says:

    Beautiful work. It is very difficult to capture daily life in a photograph. Best regards!

  25. Lim Cung Wei Says:

    Very nice and inspiring work.

  26. Irfan A. Tachrir Says:

    I like Jos and Sari photos because they are always natural and simple. Their specific character is always related to timing which delivers the message. Need vision and patience to make such photos. Congratulations for stunning works!

    • Jos Runarko Says:

      Glad you like them Irfan! Surprissing that our work reflect the simplicity to you. It need long of walk for sure! Thank you again and greetings from Leiden…Sari and Jos

  27. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    Dear Sari & Jos, Thanks for sharing your nice photos.Excellent work.

  28. Pratiwi Says:

    I always adores the.. what would you say? the “unthinkable angles” the two of you have, hehehe It must be very amusing, capturing the “it” moment.

    So glad to hear from you again, mba Sari, mas Jos ^_^)y
    keep spirit!

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Hello Pratiwi,

      Thanks you so much for your support as always. Yes, we love the unexpected and therefor we have to react very quickly. The result is what we presented here. Warm regards, Sari & Jos

  29. Ozukaru Rodríguez (@ozukarufoto) Says:

    Very nice work!!

  30. James Says:

    Hi Sari & Jos, nice street photos, as you implied, it captures moments. Would love to see more faces and emotions captured by your rangefinder

    • Jos Runarko Says:

      Hi James, thank you! As you already know, we made some photographs of people, but as you know it can be delicate if we publish it. This is the reason why we don’t publish people faces on our blog, but it doesn’t mean we didnt do that. It will be a private collection for our own private gallery ;-)….

  31. Peter Zimolong Says:

    Thanks a lot for the impressions! All the best and many greetings from Dresden! Peter

  32. Nansy Argyraki Says:

    You photos rapresent the simple life and the simple people of every day. I like them alot!

  33. Kay Yang (Araakii) Says:

    Hey Sari and Jos, you guys have been away for so long. I totally agree about getting bored of your town. That’s the main reason why I came to China to look for a change. I am glad that I made the decision to do so.

    Of course you can still get good shots in Holland. I actually love the egg cartons one a lot, but my favorite is the sunbathing kid in the stroller. The photos are way too small though. I wish I could see the last one in more detail to find out what was going on.

    Thanks for letting me know about this update and hopefully your next one will come sooner.

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Araakii, we also read that a dutch pro photographer told, that it is difficult to do street shots in the Netherlands. To them it is more easier to do this in New York City. We proof that it is not true! In the Netherlands you can find interesting things, if your mind and eyes are trained to see such things. The rest are just psycology..Hope to see you in our next posting! Thank you for your visit….

  34. Helmut Schadt Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the impressions you did catch when out in the streets. And thanks also for your experiences you made when taking pictures of people.
    Keep on the good work! 🙂

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Helmut, may be you got the same experience like us when photographing people abroad in India or Indonesia. It would be easy if we start a small talk with the subject and ask permission to take a photograph of her or him, but that is not what we want. In our opinion it is not more a candid situation, an as is situation. It is more a should be what we want to situation. Therefore the risk is getting “captured” and being asked. As you might already know, that taking pictures of people in western europe is a delicate business since you came from germany, and less in countries such as our home country Indonesia. In those countries people like to be photographed, but than we get smile faces which we don’t like. Thank you again for leaving an impression and time to visit our blog.


      Sari and Jos

  35. Steve Says:

    Hi Sari and Jos, Very nice post. As always, your bike photos will always remain my favorite theme. But, the guy on the ice with camera was a close runner up this time.

  36. Ray Says:

    Hi Sari and Jos, Wonderful photos!!! Best wishes, Raymond

  37. nunung Says:

    hi, mbak Sari,
    nce post and wonderful photos…I enjoy it although I’ve never been there…thanks for sharing…:)

  38. Tomás Badía Says:

    Excelentes fotografías amigos… Ambarum Sari & Jos Runarka, vuestra pasión por la fotografía se transmite en estas imágenes, es un placer visual, no cambies nunca, un fuerte abrazo.

    Tomás Badía

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Muchas gracias Tomas por su tiempo para dejar una huella en nuestro post. Claro que no van a cambiar nuestro punto de vista que tenemos ahora. Un cordial saludo desde Leiden, Sari y Jos

  39. Jaap Veldman Says:

    Dear Jos and Sari,

    Again I’m very impressed with your images. This last post has a different character than previous posts -to me. It must be the colours I think. A bit less romantic, a bit more “real life”. Photo’s like yours can only be made when your are continuously prepared to make the shot. You both have an excellent eye and incredible timing. I think e.g. that the man stepping out of the marathon has his foot exactly at the right position, and the city transportation woman is exactly right with the middle of her head at the vertical line in the wall, which then again is exactly in the centre of the frame. I think it has been very well prepared, but for the woman it clearly is a surprise that a picture is taken. Very fine street photography!

    • Jos Runarko Says:

      Dear Jaap,

      thank you for your interest in our blog! Sometimes you have to change to see the difference in your self. Step out a bit from your own shadow to see different things, try different style.

      Warm regards from Sari!


  40. Acha Wahyudi Says:

    Fotographer Human Interest tentu saja berbeda dengan mereka yang lebih suka mengabadikan Landscape dan model di studio. Kalian membutuhkan energi dan kesabaran extra dalam menemukan object dan fragment yang tepat…. tentu saja beberapa kejadian yang tidak diharapkan bisa saja terjadi.

    Dan kami hanya tinggal duduk2 disini menikmati hasil karya indah ini….ditemani secangkir kopi

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Acha, setiap disiplin fotografi memiliki keunikan dan kesabaran sendiri. Begitu pula dengan resiko yang dihadapi. Ketepatan momen pada saat membidik tidak jauh berbeda. Kami senang mba Acha dapat menikmati foto kami sambil minum secangkir kopi. Salam, Sari dan Jos

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