A Cycle: One of Many

Every cycle will come to an end and left a memorable time in our life, and hope to have it again in another time and place. Everything starts with a single question raised long time ago: how is life outside there? We got the answer: it is colourful. We human are no much different, we are one. We behave different due thousand years of evolution in different kind of place and climate, that give us the character we have now in modern time. It was a great journey to us, as we enjoyed the time but not only because of those sweet memories, also the struggle and bitterness we have to face. It was not easy, but worth.



ChineseNewYear2010 (14)






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Leidse Kluchten Compagnie21-wp




Sweets after the Fish

















81 Responses to “A Cycle: One of Many”

  1. Timothy Schulz Says:

    Fantastic collection. You capture some very intimate and unexpected moments. Really nice!!!

  2. Pranayoga Says:

    as always 🙂

  3. Christian Schmidtke Says:

    very very nice pictures!! great work my friends!!

  4. akbarsim Says:

    Beautiful series!!

  5. Peter V. Says:

    wow !!! super !

  6. Francisca Says:

    Awesome and adorable moment u snapped it…Luv them so much

  7. Francisca Says:

    U r Great candid ….am proud of u both

  8. thomasbregulla Says:

    Your pictures bring streetphotography to life. The moments, the situations – just great. You have a good eye! Keep it up!

  9. gerard tournebize Says:

    nice works!

  10. Tino Nieto Says:

    Fotografía urbana de primera calidad. Felicitaciones y felices fiestas😃

  11. Ozukaru Rodríguez Says:

    Excelente recopilación de imagenes. FELICIDADES!

  12. PC Suhartono Says:

    Foto-foto yang selalu enak dinikmati..Salam hangat

  13. Mauro Metallo Says:

    Very nice photographs, each one worth being proud of. Much enjoyed!

  14. Andy J Says:

    Good stuff you two! Some great moments in there, well spotted and shot 🙂

  15. Neil Jacobs Says:

    Great series and variety of street pics Jos & Ambarum. Nicely presented.

  16. Nansy Argyraki Says:

    I like these pfotos! Nicely seized moments of daily life..

  17. Januartha Says:

    great capture. good work

  18. Nug Says:

    I like answer: it is colourful and also agree with the conclusion: Although some times it was not easy, but worth. (y) 🙂

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Thank you mas Nug. Yes it was not easy but worth. It is always like that for people who like challange. Cheers, Sari

  19. fransisca wid Says:

    Beautiful collection 🙂

  20. Andreas Lee Says:

    love the stories behind all photos.. always inspiring me..
    thanks for sharing, Om jos n tante Sari.. 🙂

  21. Hengki Lee Says:

    awesome street photos!

  22. Sebastian Lubarski Says:

    Very nice pictures! Great work my friends 🙂

  23. jsjxyz Says:

    Love the color mood…

  24. Bram Antareja Says:

    waowww…keren koleksinya..beautiful…

  25. Antonio Torkio Says:

    great selection… congrats my friend

  26. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    As always it is a pleasure to look at your pictures, story of the life of every day .. !! … A hug dear friends Sari and Jos. 🙂

  27. Sofian Wangsa Says:

    Wow,.. love the colours…every frame tells it’s own story…I like the way you take the angle, in the right moments and composition as well…good job Jos & Sari

  28. Alex Wright Says:

    Very nice street pictures, with a lot of humor! Well done!! x

  29. jim4532 Says:

    An excellent collection of fine pictures. I really enjoyed to see. Dear friends thanks so much for sharing your work. Congratulation and a big hug 🙂

  30. Maria Says:

    Coincido, muy buena selección !! “Somos humanos no somos muy diferentes , somos uno” . Gracias por imágenes que en la distancia permiten apreciar un mundo con arte y que nos permite estar conectados !!

  31. Isidoros Prinos Says:

    Good work !! Lovely photos!

  32. Hartantyo Kurniawan Says:

    Thanks for sharing your streetphotography, Benar2 suasana yg berbeda dgn di Indonesia

  33. Jaap Veldman Says:

    Jos and Sari,
    You have made a beautiful set of photo’s during your stay in Leiden.
    Succes with the next cycle!

  34. ralphy Says:

    Wow,right man in the right place in the right time in the right camera.

  35. Juergen Spang Says:

    Very nice street photography – like that very much !!!

  36. Phodecologne Says:

    Wonderful street photos. Great job.

  37. Paolo Cardone Says:

    You have a good eyes and good brain, compliments!

  38. Ali Santoso Says:

    Hello my dearest friends Jos and Sari ,

    Thanks for inviting me to take alook some georgeous pictures taken by both of you.

    always spectacular , unbelieveable and awesome shot to see its.
    I really love some of them because it made speechless.

    Especially in pic ” a woman take a look a boy with his wooden barrels” it very dramatic moment.

    also ”the girls with her bike in heavy snow falling” , I loved how you captured in that situasion.

    there were too much appreciation from my mouth if I write down here :)))

    So just my highly respect about your photography, keep it moving on and share with us a great work from both of you.

    thanks again Jos and Sari, enjoy your Holiday and Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

    with love
    Ali Santoso

  39. Iris Bary Says:

    Thanks for inviting me to take a look great work :))

  40. Wiwi Says:

    Bener-bener push of a moment. love it. >,<)9

    Especially picture of a young lady gliding her bicycle in a snowy rain. For a moment I thought it was a painting.

    Thank you Mba Sari and Mas Jos, for all of these honest yet beautiful pictures you share. ^_^)y

  41. Acha Wahyudi Says:

    You captured a beautiful moment of human activity, thank you for shared with us….

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      dear Acha, thank you very much. Human activity was and will always our main interest. Best regards, Sari & Jos

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