Where the days have gone

Struck by how fast the time has passed and wondering where were those memories we had, it is always a pleasure if you can look back to what you have done in all those years. This post doesn’t mean to be a documentary but rather loose notes or fragments we can view again and again. Nearly 25 years living on this continent is for us not just a quick rendezvous, but we jumped into the waters and live within. There those days goes, as something always to remember until the point when everything will pass away.

Paris01Trocadero Paris, France

Paris02Trocadero Paris, France

Paris03Trocadero Paris, France

Paris04Champ de Mars Eiffel Tower Paris, France

Paris05Champ de Mars Paris, France

Paris06Pont Neuf Paris, France

Paris07Notre Dame Paris, France

Sacre_CoeurSacre Coeur  Paris, France

Paris08Pigalle Paris, France

Paris09  Saint German de Press Paris, FranceParis11St Michel Paris, France

Paris12St. Michel Paris, France

Paris13Tuileries Garden Paris, France

Paris17Tuileries Garden Paris, France

Paris18Tuileries Garden Paris, France

Paris19Tuileries Garden Paris, France

Paris20Tuileries Garden Paris, France

Paris21Louvre Paris, France

Paris22Cite Underground Metro Exit Paris, France

Paris26Gare du Nord Paris, France

Smoker01Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A_summer_in_AmsterdamPrinsengracht Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam-RijksmueseumRijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Katwijk_FogKatwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

Smoker02Nieuwe Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Where do you want to goBurcht Leiden, The Netherlands

HearNothingStadsgehoorzaal Leiden, The Netherlands

WorkerRijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Smoker04Leiden, The Netherlands

DogCantWalk1Leiden, The Netherlands

HangingChickensPieterskerk Leiden, The Netherlands

IceSkating01-wpNieuwe Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

BeforetheStormOude Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

KraftwerkKraftwerk Leiden, The Netherlands

CylcistInTheWinter2012Breestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Femme2Leiden, The Netherlands

BakkerNieuwe Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

CuriousBeestenmark Leiden, The Netherlands

wordpress_0002Malieveld The Hague, The Netherlands

DeadPast01-wpLeiden, The Netherlands

VIP-pdfNieuwe Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

WhiteSunday02-pdfBurcht Leiden, The Netherlands

Small_0018Oude Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Small_0016Breestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Small_0002Breestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Whataretheirrelation-wpLeiden, The Netherlands

17DegreesCelsius-wpAalmarkt Leiden, The Netherlands

cycling10 (9)Breestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

StreetSounds3-wpHooigracht Leiden, The Netherlands

WhatYear-wpTurfmarkt Leiden, The Netherlands

SayCheese-wpHoorn, The Netherlands

StreetSounds01-wpHooglandse Kerk Leiden, The Netherlands

Waterpeople (4)Oude Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Waterpeople (1)Nieuwe Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Waterpeople (14)Rijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Waterpeople(0)Botermarkt Leiden, The Netherlands

Giro d'Italia01-wpBreestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Rivals-wpBreestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

 Morning SnowBreestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Katwijk aan Zee 2

Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

JosHooglandse Kerkgracht Leiden, The Netherlands

Witches of Leiden

Burcht Leiden, The Netherlands

Delft Cleaner

Delft, The Netherlands

wp_beursreflectionWTC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

PentunganLeiden, The Netherlands

wp_beurs1WTC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

wp_zalmhavenVeerkade Rotterdam, The Netherlands

JustMakeSure-wpLeiden, The Netherlands

cycling10 (4)Breestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

cycling10 (1)Breestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Spring-kiss-wpLeiden, The Netherlands

Leiden_IjsBotermarkt Leiden, The Netherlands

Glidingthroughthestream-wpWitte Singel Leiden, The Netherlands

FerkelMarkt Leiden, The Netherlands

VolvoP1800-wpKaiserstraat Leiden, The Netherlands

ChineseNewYear2010 (24)Stadthuis The Hague, The Netherlands

Ice CreamLisse, The Netherlands

P1010545-gimp-wpCentraal Station Leiden, The Netherlands

Cycling1-wpBreestraat Leiden, The Netherlands

Femme1Leiden, The Netherlands

ouwerijnwpRijn Leiden, The Netherlands

Amsterdam-wpAmsterdam, The Netherlands

aldebaran-wpHamburg, Germany

Luebeck_Stadthaus-wpLuebeck, Germany

shadows_hamburg-wpHamburg, Germany

hamburg01bHamburg, Germany

germany05bHamburg, Germany

Fishmarkt-wpLandungsbruecken Hamburg, Germany

rush-hourHamburg, Germany

JungfernstiegJungfernstieg Hamburg, Germany

ReichstagGoverment Center Berlin, Germany


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60 Responses to “Where the days have gone”

  1. Antonio Torkio Says:

    a roundup of great photos, I thoroughly enjoyed those of Paris but also other not less, congratulations

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Antonio, thank you! Yes it is a round up of what we have done and closed for a new one 🙂

  2. jsjxyz Says:

    my favorite is the blackbirds 😀

  3. akbarsim Says:

    Oh yes, I love to see these photos!! really wonderful!

  4. Roman Kravchenko Says:

    Jos!!! Wery intresting foto -ekspresseive, i want live in Leiden!!!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Roman, thank you for your visit and impression! BTW, Leiden is a very small student city which in the past shows a lot of activity. We can assure you Leiden has the most beautiful channels in whole Netherlands. Regards, Sari & Jos

  5. Mauro Metallo Says:

    Great, inspiring reportage.

  6. Sofian Wangsa Says:

    Wow,..love these images…all photos are taken with the good moments and high quality….Congratz

  7. rik vandenhende Says:

    Great Pro album. Greetings..

  8. accoltigilletiziag7 Says:

    Grazie molto bello ed interesante

  9. Tomás Badía Says:

    I really like your work, a greeting !!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Tomas,

      thank you very much and it is fine to see you again!

      Best and warm regards,

      Sari & Jos

  10. droidmedia Says:

    Great stuff guys, all the best, Andy J

  11. Håvard Says:

    Very good photos.

  12. Claudia Says:

    Hello Sari & Jos,

    beautiful reportage, lovely to walk throug, thank you for sharing !
    lg Claudia

  13. Januartha Says:

    Great album. Burcht Leiden, The Netherlands is my fav

  14. bram antareja Says:

    I am also happy with photography. And I always put the human element at the highest place in photography. I am very happy to see this photo album, because in every picture there is always a human element. Humans can live a different hemisphere, but humans everywhere always laughing, smiling, expression, activity, romance as well as one with nature and much more. This is the power of Jos Runarka and Ambarum Sari’s Blog. Proficiat … Brader and sista. Greetings from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear mas Bram,

      yes you are truly correct! Humans are the same everywhere. Pick what they possessed and let them happy, they behave nearly the same. Old-young, rich-poor, every race, educated-non educated, etc…We can say that, because we saw that. It is a privilege for us to see that.

      Thank you very much for visiting and leaving your impressions on our blog.


      Sari & Jos

  15. Komang Tony Astama Says:

    selalu penuh cerita.. photo burung yng terbang sangat bagus sekali terasa hidup bebas dan damai.. meliht photo2x ini terasa ikut jalan2x .. trims udah diperlihatkan yang seperti ini mbk… 🙂

    salam dari Bali

  16. Andreas Lee Says:

    I can say this is a great b/w and your works always inspiring me.. 🙂
    Thanks uncle Jos and auntie Sari for share this beautiful images..

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Andreas,

      both of us are glad you like them always! See you on the next post.


      Sari & Jos

  17. andi wibowo Says:

    nice-well captured moments..and two thumbs up for the consistent on taking pictures on a daily activities…

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear mas Andi,

      thank you very much by following and supporting us from the beginning! Hope to see you soon on the next post.

      Best regards,

      Sari & Jos

  18. agus putu pranayoga Says:

    Amazing ! As always
    I really enjoy all your photo. Make me want to grab my camera again

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Agus,

      you should leave your camera if you don’t have the feeling to catch a moment, but when the desires are there then you should go out walking and take your camera. Thank you for your impressions!

      Best regards,

      Sari & Jos

  19. curt themessl Says:


  20. Timothy Schulz Says:

    What a fascinating series. A very rich tapestry of people and places portrayed cleanly in black and white. I see the pictures and feel both there and not there. The moments I feel there is when I see the people acting through their lives at that moment. All of them just going about there lives and doing their thing. But when I feel not there the impression is even stronger. As if I am looking at a place from the recent past say 20 or 30 years ago. The feelings from that are even more powerful. Fantastic series.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Timothy,

      first of all we are pleased to see you here again. Second, it is interesting how our pictures awaken different emotions to the viewer. Thank you very much for your kind words and honest impressions!

      Best regards,

      Sari & Jos

  21. Nansy Argyraki Says:

    I like the whole sequence of photos and in particular those ones on the road…Captured moments of life…

  22. Deddy Mansyur Says:

    What a great photoghraphy. I love all your pictures, so beautiful.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Sensei Deddy,

      we are pleased to see you here again! Thank you for the kind words.


      Sari & Jos

  23. Jaap Veldman Says:

    Dear Jos and Sari,

    This is an impressive set of photos with some of my all time favourites from your time in Leiden.
    Keep up the good work, you both have a great eye.

    Best regards and have a good time back home again!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Jaap,

      glad you see some of our photographs as your favourite. Have a good spring vacation! Thanks for visiting our blog Jaap!


      Sari & Jos

  24. Helmut Schadt Says:

    Wonderful impressions of several places in your “new” continent Europe. I really enjoyed to watch your nice photographs. Thanks so much to both of you.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Helmut,

      it is always a pleasure to see you here. We both love your work as well. In comparison ours are not as much as yours with photographs around the world. Thank you!

      Best regards,

      Sari & Jos

  25. Fabio Lodigiani Says:

    Wonderful captures…!!!

  26. Isidoros Prinos Says:

    Hi Jos, Sari
    Very nice work.Some of these photos are really lovely !!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Isidoros,

      we are very pleased to see you here again. Thank you for your kind words!


      Sari & Jos

  27. Alex Wright Says:

    Great pictures as usual! I love the way you see Paris through them 😉

  28. Agnese Gottifredi Says:

    Great work..!!… I love all your pictures, dear Sari and Jos. Thanks for sharing with us what your hearts see.

  29. María de Guadalupe Says:

    Great trip in pictures of my dear friends. It always impressive talent you. In the long distance, my gratitude for sharing.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dearest Maria de Guadalupe,

      thank you very much for your kind words and we will be happy to see you here soon.


      Sari & Jos

  30. Acha Wahyudi Says:

    Dear Sari and Jos

    Wow ! How amazing…….!

    I love your desire to freeze all those moments.

    I Like “Witte Singel Leiden, The Netherlands” so much…

    Thank you for share those lovely pictures with us.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Dear Acha,

      first thank you for your visit and second for those kind words. Glad you like them!

      Best regards,

      Sari & Jos

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