Beach of The Hague


The name Scheveningen has it origins from 1280 as ‘Sceveninghe’. This beach attracts many dutch artist over the centuries including Adriaen van de Velde, Simon de Vlieger and Hendrik Willem Mesdag.
Sadly now, Scheveningen is very crowded and a not well zoned beach. Bars and restaurants spread all over this place disturb the view to the north sea.


An empty beach, due to the windy cold weather. The bars and restaurants are right of this view and not shown in this picture.


The hotel and restaurant Kurhaus at the background opened in 1886.


The structure of the platform reminds me as an oil platform on the north sea. The building is not well maintained and looks dirty.

This picture below was taken from the end of the platform…


The end of the building where people can do bungy jumping…


family having picnic under the building or ‘bridge’ using it as a shelter. The sand at that location are full of sharp sea shells…


First aid office at the Scheveningen…


She could find a better place for sunbathing….

A container for keeping children…


6 Responses to “Beach of The Hague”

  1. HarTantyo Says:

    Nice pictures and story ! Thanks

  2. Robert Rutöd Says:


  3. Warriorjazz Says:

    Nice report! I love those dark dramatic skies!

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Hi Eelco, thanks for looking one of my post/page. Anyway Scheveningen is in your neighborehood 😉

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