Entering the Year of the Tiger

Where are our boemboe?

the new gate of the china town district at The Hague was inaugurated at 29.01.2010. The construction starts on the 5thΒ  October last year. At least once a month we went shopping at this district to buy Indonesian spices. All images were taken around the district at The Hague, Netherlands.

At a Jews Memorial Monument in the district…

Top image: Celebration of the Chinese New Year 2009. Hope to see it again this year.


36 Responses to “Entering the Year of the Tiger”

  1. Win Soegondo Says:

    Nice composition, lighting and every picture telling a story….like it!

  2. Ambarum Sari Says:

    Beautiful photo series. Hope in this year of the Tiger brings prosperous to all of us. Gong Xi Fat Choi…

  3. aley Says:

    Thank you for sharing information about Chinese New Year in Netherlands.

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog Aleysius! Please visit on 14.02.2010, since I am going to deliver uptodate images of the ceremony in The Netherlands…

  4. fekhi Says:

    love the pictures πŸ™‚
    thrilling the Chinese New Year moment πŸ™‚

  5. Jenn Says:

    wow…it’s a beautiful photo essay πŸ™‚
    the photo tells everything ^^

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thanks Jenn for your visit. Wait for next week! I hope we can deliver you all other images of the New Year πŸ™‚

  6. Christian Andrianto Says:

    Wow, this picture is very nice. It’s the best images..

    I wish the year of the tiger bring success, healty and happiness to all of us..

  7. Kwek li Na Says:

    Chinese New Year in various situations

  8. Jiewa Says:

    Hai pak Jos..
    Ms. Sari refers me to this blog. Agree with Win Soegondo, the pics tell the story loud and clear. Jadi ingat majalah National Geographic πŸ™‚

  9. Baskoro Wardono Says:

    Jos …
    Another your beautiful pictures … nice moments and i like the shadows – lights composition … two thumbs up …

  10. Suhadi Says:

    Nice shoot, great moment

  11. tommy Says:

    I didn’t know that you are good at photography. Nice moments caught on the frames. Thumbs up!

    • Ambarum Sari Says:


      most of the images in this blog was taken by my husband (artist name INALUX), some photos with watermarks “Ambarum Sari” belongs to me and was selected by my husband….anyway thanks for visiting and commenting πŸ™‚

  12. Denny Ardhia Says:

    All are great picture!…good compotition…great moment captured…thumbs up!
    Gong xie fat choi…

  13. Johan T Says:

    Can’t wait for your new year celebration’s pictures. Sin Nien Kuai Le for all… (btw, I really like your 2nd pictures)

  14. HarTantyo Says:

    A very nice photo series … Happy Chinese Lunar New Year !

  15. Felix Susanto Says:

    Nice picture ^^
    Thx for share information.
    How about valentine in the china town? What the same with Jakarta not hear about Xin Xia?

    • Ambarum Sari Says:

      Dear Felix,

      I think to have two reason. In this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations the same time with Xin Xia or Chinese New Year and the new opening of the two gates in China district at he Hague, Netherlands. Thanks you for visiting ..

  16. Dewi Says:

    Great picture..=) Express the moments deeply…

    • Jos Runarka Says:

      Thanks Dewi for spending your time visiting our blog and leaving a encouraging comment.


      Sari and Jos

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